Types of application software: An impressive guide for 2021

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Types of application software: An impressive guide for 2021

Application software is something we all come in contact with daily but we may not identify them as it is. In today’s world, apps are our companions, all of us use different applications to conduct our personal and professional tasks. For instance, all of us use Facebook, Messenger, and other applications that run on different types of application software to contact, search and do things rather conveniently. 

We have come a long way from computers that had only one application software installed to the time where we have different application software for different purposes and needs. This is a testament to the resolve of talented people to discover and explore but it also places us before an array of options. 

To make it easy for you, here’s a detailed guide to the types of application software. 

What is application software?

Application software is a computer program that performs a specific function, be it educational, personal, or business. It is also known as an end-user program or a productivity program. Think of your computer as the toast and the application software as the avocado topping on the toast. It is the avocado topping that the user gets to see upfront when working on a computer. 

Application software is essentially developed to assist you with processes that may be related to creativity, productivity, and communications. It particularly helps you with different tasks such as taking notes, conducting research, playing games, setting up an alarm, or any digital thing you can think of. 

Application software is specific in its functions and does the task as designed. For instance, Safari is a browser designed for browsing, MS Word is designed to write and Powerpoint is designed to make presentations and so is Microsoft Excel. It is to say that all the applications we use on our smartphones are examples of types of software applications.


Different types of the application software used by businesses

It is paramount to the functional efficiency and stability that the right software application is chosen for it. Understanding the different types of application software will help you save time and trouble later on.

Types of the application software used commonly

  • Word processors
  • Graphics software
  • Database software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Presentation software
  • Enterprise software
  • Web browsers
  • Multimedia software
  • Educational software
  • Content access software 
  • Information worker software

The list can become too exhaustive but we will explain briefly some of the important ones down below.

Presentation software

Presentation is the type of application software that facilitates the user to convey their thoughts and ideas with the help of a visual medium. Most people would have used it in their academic or professional careers. It lets you present information in the form of slides. You can insert graphics, images, and videos and can create slideshows to make them interesting for the viewers. 

Web browsers

Web browsers are application software used to browse the internet to search and gather data regarding almost anything. The most popular web browsers are Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Other examples of browsers include Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, etc.

People have different preferences and use the above-mentioned as per their needs and preferences.

Multimedia software

Multimedia application software allows you to create or record images as well as audio and video files. This is widely used in animation, graphics, image, and video editing. For example, VLC media player and windows media player.

Educational software

Educational application software as the name suggests is particularly useful and designed to facilitate learning of a particular subject. This is also known as an academic software. 

Graphics software

Graphics application software allows you to edit and make changes to visual data such as images and videos. It comprises illustrations and picture editor software. For example, Adobe Photoshop is a quite popular graphics software.

Spreadsheet software

Spreadsheet application software helps with calculations and data is stored in the form of a table. It allows users to customize cells and columns as per their requirements and fill in useful information. For example, Microsoft Excel and Google spreadsheets are two such software.

Database software

Database application software helps you with data management precisely. It is also known as DBMS (Database Management System) and helps you organize data. It makes data recognition easy and lessens your work of sorting and finding the required data. For example, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle are three such software. 

Word processing software

Word processing application software is used to format and manipulate texts thus helping in the creation of memos, letters, faxes, and documents. It aids in the formation and beautification of the text as well. It helps you with synonyms and antonyms to make your text sound better. Grammar and spell-check are also available to assist you throughout the process. For example, Google docs and Microsoft word.

Simulation  software

Stimulation software concerns the fields of military, engineering, practical education industry, machinery testing, industrial training, video games, etc. It lets you observe an operation or system without actually physically participating in it and saves you from putting yourself into difficult situations.

For example, AR and VR technology has been put to use to develop application software that works with stimulations.

Application software based on availability and shareability

Application software can be categorized into the following based on the features of availability and shareability it offers:


It is free of cost as the name suggests. You just have to download freeware application software from the internet and can use it free of cost. It doesn’t allow modifications and distribution. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are good examples of this type of application software. 


This isn’t free-of-cost software and you have to pay for it for the trial period. It offers the option of distribution and the users are required to pay if they would like to use it once the trial period is over. For example, Adobe Acrobat and Snap Touch.

Open source

Open source software offers the users the option to modify it and even customize it and add new features to it. These could be either free or paid. Apache Web server is an example of open source software.

Closed source

Most of the application software packages that we use belong to this category. These are paid software and have intellectual property rights or patents over the source code. It is restrictive in use usually. Examples include Microsoft Windows and Adobe Flash Player.

Benefits of application software

Application software comes with the following business benefits.

Improved customer service

Custom software applications allow businesses to revamp and revolutionize their customer services to garner customers’ satisfaction. Integrating CRM with other systems gives you more updated and accurate customer information that aids your customer service representatives to answer queries in a better way. 

Data security

The custom software application should be integrated into the existing system with the help of a partner that ensures security above all. InvoZone is one such software house that will integrate the new software application into the existing system in a way that is secure and safe. It allows you full control over the third-party system and guarantees maintenance up-gradation throughout.

Enhanced flexibility

The custom software application allows you to integrate multiple sources into one to have your information from all the sources in one place. This will smooth out the process of report-making by gathering data from multiple sources in one place.

Decision-making power

You will get information and data from all the sources in one place and that will help you make robust and timely decisions backed by data. You can keep track of past performances, predict future trends and plan your budget, sources, and tasks well in advance. A well-designed custom application software makes life easier for you.

Improved productivity

Application software helps employees with routine tasks thus saving time for more important tasks. For example, RPA applications can reduce repetitive functions, such as replying to emails, verifying claims against a given checklist, or validating payroll data against a given set of rules. This saves the time of the staff and lets them use it more efficiently.

The cost aspect of the whole process

Businesses are keen on managing their budget and resources. The market is competitive and one has to be inclusive of the new technologies as well as maintain resources at its end. The cost to develop application software doesn’t have a fixed quantifiable number but it surely depends on factors that help in making a rough estimate of the cost.

Following are some of the factors that can directly impact the incurred costs

  • Features, functionality, design, and scope of the intended application software
  • Uniformity across all devices and platforms
  • Application complexity owing to the hardware and compatibility
  • Costs for maintenance and support
  • Back-end development costs

These are some of the general costs associated with application software development but costs can fluctuate depending on these and various other factors. An estimation would be good for a start but from there on it purely depends on what you’re looking for in an application.

If you’re looking for custom application software then you have come to the right place, InvoZone will assist you throughout the process in every way possible. 


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