About Us

About Us

Innovation and simplicity makes us happy

Professional Software Developers

We Push Limits Using Engineered Solutions.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, we at InvoZone aim to grab the leading position as a software company. We develop innovative software solutions for enterprises located all across the globe, helping them grow their business by increasing their online presence. Our focus lies in, but we are not restricted to, designing, software engineering, and development solutions.

For several years, we have been building software products using a team of designers and business people. The combined efforts of this team create a tech-savvy environment with an acute business sense. At InvoZone, we work to be at the front of web-based business initiatives. Thereby, we offer one-stop-shop for all your web business needs.

Our unmatched services give us the confidence to meet your objectives in solving technical challenges. This is how InvoZone built its reputation as well; by providing innovative software solutions and second-to-none engineering and support services. We encourage you to refer to our clients if you wish to find out more about us.


Our Core Beliefs

The Four Pillars of InvoZone

Our Team

Our work-Intensive team craves success and achievement, which defines our positive mindset towards any sort of challenge.


Our work methodology works like a spearhead towards challenges, enabling us to complete our duties flawlessly, without any delays.


Leaders lead by example and so do ours who have achieved their rightful place through years’ of experience and in-depth know-how of today’s trends.


We embrace the idea of meeting people with different knowledge and background because we are a pool that promotes innovation by leveraging emerging tools and technology.

Why Invozone

Why InvoZone?

With InvoZone you are on road to building a great client relationship because we love to code and explore technologies that can help improve lives. Our top-notch results are a product of
  • High Performance and Next-Level Engineering
  • Recruitment of Top Talent who support our ideology
  • A great customer experience that goes a long way

Our Core Team

Every member of our team owns the company as its own
and together we ensure that we deliver our best to each client.

Furqaan Aziz

Furqan Aziz

Chief Executive Officer


Hareem Mohsin

Chief Operating Officer


Zarnoor Shoaib

Head of BD

Anna Leusder

Anna Leusder

Head of Client Success


Muhammad Shah Jahan

General Manager


Muhammad Saad

Head of HR


Mohtashim Rasheed

Head of Engineering


Muhammad Zubair

Head of UI/UX