Top Mobile App Development Frameworks: 2021 Edition

According to studies, there will be an estimated 7 billion smartphone users around the world by 2021.

Read about the most popular mobile app development frameworks to stay ahead in the industry.

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks: 2021 Edition

The mobile application development industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, to stay ahead of the pack, developers should know about the top mobile app development frameworks. According to studies, there will be an estimated 7 billion smartphone users around the world by 2021. With this ever-increasing demand and digital transformation, mobile app development is seen to be expanding.

Moreover, businesses noticed a considerable change in customer buying behaviors amid the global pandemic — which pushed them to re-evaluate and restrategize their business models to meet the growing demands. This new normal is proof of how significant digital transformation is. 

Even though the epidemic was uncertain and damaging to businesses, it has also opened endless doors of opportunities for them to provide value addition through mobile apps – to their prospects and existing customers. Mobile applications, on the other hand, are redefining traditional business operations in a highly competitive market and hence captured the attention of many. 

Top Mobile App Development Frameworks 2021

Having a mobile app for your business sounds fancy however achieving the best of the best is not an easy feat. It requires implementing the latest in mobile technology, thorough research, in-depth planning, and unwavering commitment. Because understanding the contemporary mobile app development landscape is essential for companies like you to beat the competition and develop a strong foothold in the market.

Therefore, to meet your business objectives, you need a well-crafted strategy and top mobile app development frameworks to get you started. 

React Native 

It is one of the most popular and well-known frameworks there is. It offers an amazing Javascript library for all platforms. Since it uses a universal programming language – Javascript – that’s what made it even more popular over the years. It was first introduced by Facebook in 2018 to build powerful mobile apps.

Along with extensive community support, it is super easy to learn and uses a single code base to develop a feature-rich cross-platform application meaning for both iOS and Android with a single code-base. 

top mobile app development frameworks

Benefits of React Native

    • It is one of the best frameworks for cross-platform application development – it supports both Android and iOS with a single code-base and therefore developers can build both apps using the same backend code, which as a result saves valuable time.
    • Since react native uses javascript, it is considered one of the fastest programming languages.
    • Through reactive native frameworks, it is easier to update or upgrade mobile applications because it is very flexible – developers can pick up the code halfway where others have left off. 
    • The app, developed using react native, is easier and convenient to move to the other development framework, which makes it highly moveable. 
    • Last but not least, developers can augment React Native UI components into an already existing app without having to rewrite the app from scratch.
    • Instagram, Myntra, Wix, and Walmart are some of the popular apps developed using the reactive native framework. 


Xamarin is also one of the top mobile app development frameworks that we will see in 2021 moving forward. As react native is javascript based similarly Xamarin is .Net based and developers working with .NET are more likely to adopt it.

It is an open-source platform that was introduced by the team at Microsoft in 2016. It supports different tools, programming languages, and libraries. This framework easily lets you build native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows. Additionally, it uses the single C# codebase to build applications for various platforms and devices. 

top mobile app development frameworks

Benefits of Xamarin

    • Xamarin developers have complete access to native APIs and toolkits for developing native user experiences.
    • It uses a single tech stack i.e. C# – developers can do everything straight in the visual studio without switching back and forth in different environments. 
    • The code is reusable and shareable.
    • Since it leverages a single tech stack, therefore it saves time and additional effort for developers, which they can otherwise use somewhere else. 
    • It is easily maintainable, developers can easily update or fix issues from the source code directly.
    • Tools like Xamarin Test Cloud and Xamarin Test Recorder offer seamless testing of the app performance along with the UI.
    • Immediate support by the team at Microsoft makes it worthwhile. 


It was introduced by Google to help businesses in developing native apps for both mobile and the web, including the desktop as well. It is a single code-based open-source mobile UI framework for delivering reliable applications.

Additionally, it includes customized widgets, a rendering component, other related APIs and tools to assist developers to create visually appealing native-like apps. Google Ads and Alibaba are two of the biggest giants to use Flutter. Flutter has a layered architecture formulated with a dart framework, C++, and an embedder. 

flutter features

Benefits of Flutter

    • Features like hot reload speeds up the development time, as it allows developers to apply changes quickly without losing the existing state.
    • Flutter app performance is indistinguishable from the native app and even better when it comes to implementing complex UI animations.
    • Easy customization – regardless of the complexity
    • It has its own rendering tool, Skia, which simplifies the process.
    • Flutter supports the accessibility guidelines.
    • Last but not least, it has a growing community of developers and excessive documentation. 


Through Ionic developers can develop highly intuitive cross-platform and progressive web apps — web, android, and iOS. It is also open-source and one of the top mobile app development frameworks. Ionic comes packed with pre-designed UI components that are directed to make applications look beautiful.

It offers easy tools for developing, testing, and deploying mobile applications for developers. Most importantly it offers effortless integration with Vue, React, and Angular. If you have developers that have hands-on experience with javascript, and HTML then you are in for a treat because then learning Ionic becomes easier, too. 

Ionic features

Benefits of Ionic

    • Ionic is developer-friendly – the reason why it is preferred among the community of developers.
    • It uses a single code base for iOS, Android, and web, which saves resources, time, and money.
    • It is equipped with tools that have native compatibility such as Ionic-built APIs.
    • It now allows developers to use any Javascript framework such as React or Vue. 
    • Big names like McDonald’s, Target, and IBM along with others trust Ionic for its capabilities. 
    • It has a huge developer and support community who share ideas and help each other in solving problems.

JQuery Mobile

Last up we have JQuery Mobile. It is also one of the top mobile app development frameworks – based on HTML5 and specifically used to develop highly responsive apps in as little time as possible. It has a ThemeRoller that offers numerous different themes for customized experiences. It allows for effortless interactions with the rest of the frameworks as well.

The best part is – it helps developers to create a single app to work on different platforms – smartphones, tablets, and desktops included. Lastly, if your developers are knowledgeable about javascript, they can easily pick up and work on JQuery to develop interactive and highly intuitive web pages and smart applications.

Jquery features

Benefits of JQuery Mobile

    • It is very popular among the developer community and is widely known.
    • It has a simple syntax. Plus, the framework is easier to learn because of its simplicity.
    • JQuery has cross-browser compatibility – it runs well on all kinds of different browsers and versions.
    • It is a lightweight framework—one of the reasons the pages load much faster, which makes it SEO-friendly
    • With jQuery plugins, you can create aesthetically pleasing effects and animations to keep your audience engaged.

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