Top DevOps Interview Questions & Answers For 2021

Check out this blog to read about frequently asked DevOps interview questions & answers that you must prepare for your interview in 2021.

Top DevOps Interview Questions & Answers For 2021

Wondering how to ace your upcoming DevOps interview? Well, you’ve landed at the right place.  Preparing for an DevOps interview can be tricky, no doubt. However, a little preparation can be of great help even if you think you known everything regarding DevOps practices.

Today, we will be talking about the top 6 DevOps interview questions that are usually asked during DevOps interviews. 

How to crack DevOps interview where is the best site to practice DevOps interviews Questions? 

Read down below to find out. 

1. Who is a DevOps engineer?

DevOps engineer refers to an IT professional that works with system operators and software developers to build, test and maintain the tools needed for quick development and deployment of software. In short, a DevOps engineer holds extensive knowledge regarding software development life cycle. 

2. What do you know about DevOps?

You can go ahead and provide a to-the-point and simple answer to this question. If you are someone who has been working  in the DevOps IT industry previously, then you can talk about your past experiences, why you think DevOps is important in the IT industry and how it helps organizations to quickly deliver software products and minimize product release failures.

3. Why has DevOps become famous?

With time, there has been a major increase in market windows. There’s a new product launching in the market almost every day. Though this provides a huge number of different choices for consumers, but it also raises the competition in the market.

As compared to traditional software development approaches, DevOps allows companies to produce and upgrade products much quickly. Big companies can’t afford to release important features with huge time gaps in between. They need to be released quickly and smoothly. 

Nowadays, businesses heavily rely on customer satisfaction, which is also one of the keys successful products. To ensure everything goes according to plan, organizations need: 

  • Quick feature release 
  • Minimize release failures 
  • Minimize bug fixing time 
  • Increase successful product delivery rate 
  • Improved Communication and collaboration 


Q4. Which are the top DevOps tools? Which tools have you worked on? 

Some the top DevOps tools are: 

  • Jenkins: Continuous integration tool 
  • Docker: Containerization tool 
  • Git: Version control system tool 
  • Ansible: Deployment tools and configuration management 
  • Nagios: Continuous monitoring tool 
  • Selenium: Continuous Testing tool 

When asked this question you can also talk about other tools you are familiar with. However, including the above-mentioned tools and your experience on working with them would help build a good impression. 

Q5. What are the different phases in DevOps? 

The different phases of DevOps lifecycle include: 

  • Plan: There needs to be a rough development plan in phase which would help shape the whole process later on and ensure it goes smoothly. 
  • Code: Developers begin coding at this phase 
  • Build: This is the phase where the DevOps practice really begins. Different codes are integrated in the application. 
  • Test: During this phase, the application is tested and rebuilt if required. 
  • Integrate: Different codes from multiple programmers are integrated into one. 
  • Deploy – Build is ready to be released into production. It is made sure that there won’t be any impacts of alterations made to a website with high traffic. 
  • Operate – If needed, operations are performed on the code. 
  • Monitor – The environment is monitored closely. Data is collected regarding errors, customer feedback, performance, and more. 

Q6. Name three important DevOps KPIs. 

Three DevOps KPIs are: 

  • Meantime to failure recovery – Your company’s efficiency is gauged by this key performance indicator. 
  • Deployment frequency – The frequency in which the deployment occurs.  
  • Defect escape rate: This metric accesses the proportion of product defects following release to production.   

Where is the best site to practice DevOps interviews Questions? 

Now, let’s come to the second part of the main question; where is the best site to practice DevOps interview questions. There are plenty of websites on the internet that can help you prepare for DevOps interviews, just like this one.  

However, if you are looking for more detailed answers along with demonstrations, then you might want to check out videos and tutorials on YouTube. 


With a little learning and practice, you can easily perform well in your interview. The above basic questions are usually asked in almost all DevOps interviews, so they’ll help you out as well. 

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