Hareem Mohsin

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Hareem Mohsin is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of InvoZone, playing a fundamental role in handling day-to-day leadership operations and supporting the vision of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). To spice up her position by an inch, she decided to support the community through writing virtually. Her content has been a balm for many, even people who, prior to the last few years, had never considered themselves fans of software development and its various aspects.

She started her adventures in 2014 as the Software Engineer at Creative Chaos. After gaining proficiency in backend and frontend software development, she embarked on her career as a Business Operations Manager at Strategic Systems International (SSI). Building on her leadership and project management skills, she shook up things there before joining InvoZone. Her dedication and passion have raised the standards of leadership structure, sharing her profound knowledge of tech trends, customer behavior, and industry insights with different departments of InvoZone.

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