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What Is DevOps?

DevOps development is a set of practices that bridge and automate the work happening between the development team and the IT operations teams. Now, they can communicate better and work together more efficiently to test and release software quickly and unfailingly. DEVelopment and OPerations teams must be in sync if efficiency is required, hence the term DevOps software development.
At InvoZone, DevOps is more than just a method of work, it’s a culture. Our emphasis towards shifting mindset for better team collaborations and integrations has led us to the treasure which is DevOps development. Now, not only do we deliver at a faster pace, but we also deliver higher value to businesses and clients.

Agile DevOps Development

Our belief in Agile methodology ensures that you get your product sooner with the best experience. With our DevOps development services, you can expect incremental updates to arrive consistently, improving your product operations and its quality. In general, Agile development is a wider term for several incremental and iterative methodologies. From using Kanban to Scrum to Lean and Extreme, InvoZone will streamline your software development by adding a touch of DevOps to these methods. We will take care of your development changes from building to deployment, a journey you will never forget.

Continuous Delivery With DevOps

Within our DevOps development procedures, we exercise continuous delivery. Here, InvoZone works to provide you with new features and configuration changes which adds to your product’s functionality. As you bring out new challenges for your business, we work to make it possible for you to complete them.
DevOps has given us the power to effectively utilize skills in development, testing and deployment. Instead of deploying large data after a large time, we work to deploy short ones continuously. We commit small incremental batches, sending them to the operations so that the delivery pipeline always keeps flowing. As a result, we bring your products in a very safe and auditable manner, what you deserve!

Assessment, Automation and Management

Through InvoZone, get the all-rounder experience by our DevOps software development where we analyse target key points and more. We perform assessments to mitigate risks, increase productivity and assist your core team to produce an absolute integration of delivery pipeline automation cycle.
Via the use of automation practices in DevOps development, we eliminate the need to focus on mundane, repetitive and manual tasks. We are already sending all codes to a gauntlet of automated tests with continuous delivery. Now, we also package and send them forward to the production for an automated deployment as well.
InvoZone aims to create composable and modular applications because we know they are manageable and reliable. Through our processes, we are effectively breaking the wall standing between operations and development teams

Early Risk Detection

Our engineers stay alert throughout the DevOps software development process. Since DevOps development makes use of shifting left in the CI/CD, we will detect early the signs of bugs and disturbances. This proactive approach lets us outshine those who rely on reactive testing. It is interesting to note that early identification of risks means that we reduce defects by up to 35%.

Powerful and reliable tools

Our belief in Scrum and Kanban to raise our pro activeness whereas you enjoy our work.

Stretch your marketing dollar

Our up-to-date knowledge on subject matter helps us achieve high-quality technical skills in coding.

Focuses on your success

Our accessibility to positive feedback allows us to aim for efficient and productive delivery.

WebFX is the choice

We always make aim for scalable solutions so that you always maintain your efficiency & growth.

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  • 2 weeks notice provided if you wish to discontinue the service
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