Dedicated DevOps services: How to choose the right provider

Companies that seek fast delivery and greater productivity usually prefer to outsource DevOps services.

Let's have a look at the 4 main things to keep in mind while looking for the right DevOps partner.

Dedicated DevOps services: How to choose the right provider

DevOps adoption is increasing as development teams are seeking to become more agile. Though some might think that DevOps services is a hot topic that will eventually succumb to time in a few years, the truth is that this trend is only expected to mature in the future. 

According to Puppet, 63% of organizations that implemented DevOps experienced an improvement in the quality of their software deployments, whereas 55% noticed improved cooperation and collaboration. 

As compared to the traditional development models, DevOps professional services are tied to better customer service, improved team efficiency, and faster time-to -market. The 2017 State of DevOps Report showed that companies that opt for DevOps practices spend 21% less time on work that is unplanned or repeated, and 44% more time on new work. 

While some companies prefer to hire in-house developers, many praise the merits of outsourcing development work overseas. There are many advantages of hiring dedicated DevOps service providers for your business. Though hiring in-house developers also works for many, it usually results in more time and cost spent. 

Today, we will be looking at the top 4 tips businesses should keep in mind to choose the right DevOps engineers for themselves. 

4 things you should keep in mind while looking for reliable DevOps service providers

Read down below to find out more about how to hire reliable DevOps services providing company. 

#1 Your expectations from the DevOps service partners should be clear and concise 

To avoid any unwanted circumstances in the future, it’s better to settle your requirements and expectations from the provider beforehand. It’s best that you clearly mention all deadlines, set KPIs, and organize feedback report timings as soon as possible.

Make sure the potential provider is attentively listening to what you are trying to convey to them.  

Also, your DevOps engineer should be on the same page as you. They should ask for your feedback to ensure that they have properly understood your expectations from them.

The right DevOps service provider will put themselves in your shoes to understand the problem statement before getting into DevOps metrics. Therefore, pay attention to how seriously the potential provider is taking your concerns. 

#2 Don’t settle for less 

A common mistake made by businesses while looking for a DevOps developer is that they settle for the option that would cost them the least amount of money.

Though one of the main reasons businesses outsource developers is to get quality output at an affordable price, let’s keep in mind that some DevOps solution providers might cost you a minimal fee but provide you with low-quality work and results.

Hence, you must look for a provider that possesses relevant experience and has a good portfolio. While interviewing potential DevOps partners, ask them if they have certifications or previous experience in the fields of risk management, project management, or Scrum Master.  

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#3 Make sure they are utilizing the latest technologies 

The majority of DevOps companies are already working with several clients. When developers work on the same type of projects continuously, they usually get stuck in the swap of everyday deliveries. 

When this happens, they start to focus more on hastily completing and delivering projects with whatever DevOps tools they have, rather than familiarizing themselves with advanced technologies available in the market. 

The dedicated development team you choose must be making use of the latest technology. This helps smoothen out the whole development process and ensures that the methods they are using are reliable and effective.

Evaluate the service providers’ portfolio carefully to check if their previous experience meets your expectations. 

#4 Look for a vendor that works ethically and follow security procedures 

Make sure that your DevOps services providing company you will be working with knows the importance of security procedures, policies, and practices. When it comes to patents, ownership, and trademarks, the rules and regulations of every country are different. Therefore, ensure that your DevOps partner is aware of the process of legal protection laws set by the government. 

Doing so will reduce the possibility of choosing a DevOps partner that doesn’t fit your requirements. Trustworthy and dedicated development teams are always completely transparent with their potential and existing customers. 


Naturally, every business that outsources DevOps expects a quality output from the provider. As long as the potential DevOps service providers are following the above-mentioned DevOps best practices, you should rest assured that you are in good hands.

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