6 Advantages of Dedicated Development Team Model

Building a dedicated development team in another country is a strategic move and requires a lot of consideration.

Learn why it could be the right move!

6 Advantages of Dedicated Development Team Model

It’s common that someone with a creative app idea wants to make it the next unicorn business. A startup wants to enter the market as quickly as possible to beat the competition. A mid-sized business has now grown to a point where they can’t handle the new product development in house. In all these cases, the best alternative to hiring an in-house development team could be a dedicated software development team.

What is a Dedicated Development Team Model? 

Living in the 21st century, you must have heard about the dedicated development team. It’s a team of software developers that you hire from the outsourcing company to work on your project. In most cases, it is a remote team of developers dedicated to working on one client’s project at a time. 

The client (enterprises or a startup) can directly interact with the team members, monitor daily activities, and measure the overall progress of the project. This process of direct interaction helps both clients and software developers to stay on the same page and adapt to the changing requirements when needed.

This dedicated team of developers is provided by the company (Normally offshore) that is responsible for all administrative tasks such as place of work for the development team, their salary, contract, insurance, and so on. Your task as a client is just to provide a challenging project to the team.

In case if the client already has an in-house development team, the dedicated team extends its existing team. Both an in-house team and a dedicated team can work on the same project or they can also handle different parts of the same projects. 

The dedicated development team is a viable solution for long term-projects, short-term projects, or when the existing team lacks certain expertise.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Despite the disputes about how and when to outsource software development or if it is really worth the effort, in 2019, the IT outsourcing market amounted to 66.5 billion. There’s no doubt that offshoring software development has become significantly popular in the recent past, with more and more businesses building their dedicated development teams in regions like Asia and Eastern Europe.

For some businesses, the most notable benefit of the dedicated development team model is cost, and that is enough to take the plunge to go offshore. However, other companies look into other factors before making the right business decision.

Building a dedicated development team in another country is a strategic move and requires a lot of consideration. And this article simplifies this process for you by highlighting the benefits of building an offshore dedicated development team:

1. Dedicated Team Model Is Economically Viable

One of the simple advantages of building a dedicated development team is cost-efficiency. It is economically cheaper to hire a dedicated team than to gather and build an in-house team.

While building an in-house team, one needs to consider all the administrative processes and find expert developers, which takes a lot of time and effort. Recruiting local talent could be stressful for the budget. 

In contrast, the dedicated team model is a viable solution because the team is already built and has expertise in certain technologies that are required for your project. Leaving out the administrative part to the outsourcing company gives much more time and money to focus on the important business process.

Hiring a software developer in the US or Western Europe can cost up to $100k per year. Include the expenses on recruitment, onboarding, and benefits packages to keep your hires around. Considering all these expenses, a dedicated team is the most beneficial solution.

2. Dedicated Team Offers Adaptability and Focus

Building an offshore dedicated team offers a focused approach. You get a dedicated team at your disposal that is only working on your project with no distractions. And with focus comes adaptability. In the dedicated team model, the team can be reconfigured at any stage of the project according to the requirements and needs.

3. Dedicated Team Brings Control

In dedicated team building, you get full control over the selection and management of team members. With the dedicated team model, you can manage highly qualified and competent experts, project managers, resources, and infrastructure based on project requirements.

4. Dedicate Team Model Provides Quick Development Cycle

Speed is yet another advantage of the dedicated development team model over other models of corporations. Because of the collaboration between the client & the focused team member, the entire process can proceed at a higher pace.

Additionally, the project can be adjusted without skipping a beat. This model of collaboration is perfect for projects that need constant evolution according to the changing technologies and market trends.

5. Dedicated Team Model Promotes Collaboration

One of the biggest challenges while outsourcing is the lack of collaboration between the client and the development team. In the dedicated team model, the client can interact with the team directly. This helps to make planning and development efficient. It is like having an in-house team, but at a lower cost and with high expertise. The client and the team work together to solve challenges and problems effectively.

6. Dedicated Team Offers Continuous Integration

To succeed in big time, the project is required to never stop evolving. For example, It is especially important with B2C eCommerce platforms where UX is one of the key factors and generating conversions.

A dedicated team model is very effective for projects that grow and evolve. The team can be kept intact and the entire project will shift to another stage with no need to scale the team and set up another team to support the thing.

Another important process is the optimization of the product. Due to strengthening technologies – this requirement is vital in maintaining and growing the product.

So if you are struggling to develop a team for your startup or scaling your existing team, consider building an offshore dedicated development! You’ll gain access to a massive pool of expert software developers who can deliver top-quality software faster. And because they’re a value-adding extension of your business and not outsourced help, they’re in it for the long haul–just like you.

Together with a dedicated team from InvoZone, you can build and empower your business. If you have any queries or want to more about how InvoZone’s dedicated team model works, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you soon.


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