Website Design and Development: Tips and Tricks to Rebuild Your Website

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You’ll also learn relevant tips and tricks on how to rebuild your website

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Website Design and Development: Tips and Tricks to Rebuild Your Website

Nothing lasts forever. Sorry if that sounds a bit depressing, but if you are reading this, chances are that your mood is not uplifted anyway (My guess: it’s about your website design). But don’t worry, even the best ones have to be rebuilt, or at least, redesigned. 

Developing a website is tiresome and exhausting. But if your website doesn’t have a responsive design, you have to pull the trigger: rebuild it. It is better to decide sooner than later – before your conversion rate drops. Website design and development requires skills and dedication.

Fortunately, you are already a step closer to your success if you have identified the problem. I have listed a few reasons below that should help you decide when to rebuild your website.

When To Start Rebuilding Your Website Design?

1) Mobile-Friendly Website

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, it is definitely time to think about a website redesign. By marketing through smartphones you can target audiences in their 60’s and teenagers. Teeny tiny text fonts or messed-up links are just going to land your audience at all the wrong places, and make you double the effort to bring them back.

Website Design And Development Mobile Friendly Design
Mobile friendly websites are Google’s priority in 2020 and beyond.

A mobile-optimized website improves rankings on Google search engines as well. For the past few years, Google has been favouring mobile-optimized websites. This trend accelerated in 2016 (after Mobilegeddon in 2015). Currently, Google is using mobile-first indexing, that is, it lists the mobile version of a site first, and then the desktop version. It not only engages users who prefer mobile-friendly websites but also improves SEO.

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Website design and development on older websites do not support mobile-optimization, so their appearance is not very appealing either. Develop a website that automatically adjusts its layout according to the requirements of the device it is operating on, or hire professional website design services to do it for you.

How to Detect?

Ask yourself:

  • How does my website look on different devices? Does it appear to be as appealing on a smartphone as it does on the desktop?
  • Does my website cover the full width of the browser window?
  • Is my page rank in jeopardy because my website is not optimized for mobile?

2) Auto Updates

A website that doesn’t allow updates sounds medieval! Most websites have auto-updates thanks to the CMS (content management system) technology. With CMS, you can reach the back end of your website to add changes, without having to recode it.

If you built your website design and development in the older times with no CMS to support updates, it is going to be messy. This happens to websites coded directly in HTML (built in the ’90s). These require expert help even for making minor changes.

Usually, website login credentials are not provided to the owner. As a result, the owner ends up being locked out of their own website. This leaves no other solution but to rebuild your website from scratch.

How to Detect?

  • Check if you have the login credentials of your websites.
  • Check if you know how to make changes to your website (posting blogs, uploading new products, etc.)

3) Old Website

Are you experiencing slow loading, risky security conditions, or poor search rankings? If your answer is ‘yes’ to these complications, your website is probably old and requires rebuilding. The flow of business depends on a smooth-running website. Old websites often link to denounced codes, risking the security of your content. It can also affect the image quality on your website because of old coding.

Remember: Google ranks up clean-coded websites!

Website Design And Development Old Website Design
Typical webpage design of old and outdated websites of early 2000 era.

Users have to get the latest Flash Player to view your website if it was built on Adobe Flash. Flash isn’t mobile-compatible, and Adobe is out of the equation (it doesn’t support Flash anymore. Check Adobe’s latest update), so it becomes a security risk.

Still own a website built with Flash? Quit this blog right here, and go plan rebuilding it ASAP.

Consider this:

Last month, we, at InvoZone, came across a project where the client’s seven-year-old WordPress web design was no longer compatible with the developer’s initial coding. The diagnosis? The website ran high risks of security and was incompatible with its own plugins. This also disabled entering essential SEO data to the website.

Hence, you see, there is no hard-and-fast rule for a website design company about when to consider a website dead. However, be on the safer side; rebuild it every five years at maximum to avoid such complications. 

How to Detect?

  • Check the original date when your website was built (Remember the ‘five years’ rule)
  • Check if you can enter important SEO data to your website
  • Check if the technology used by your website is outdated

4) User Experience

Technically known as UX, user experience covers everything that your users go through when they visit your website. Persuasive CTAs, comprehensive infographics, and ease of navigation are the most important factors that convert visitors into customers. On the other hand, a high bounce rate is usually the result of poor user experience. This reason alone should be enough to convince you to rebuild your website.

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You can take advantage of free platforms like Weebly and Wix if you have a start-up because, with each passing day, your business needs will grow. Cons? In their free versions, these websites do not offer you much choice when it comes to layout styles.

Responsive web designs can fix that. You can Google “web designer near me” to find the best available options to get your website rebuilt to meet the latest requirements.

How to Detect

  • Check if your website is capable of handling all your business requirements.
  • Check if it is easy for users to navigate through your website.
  • Check if your website’s bounce rate is higher than the industry average.

5) Visual Display of your Brand

Website design and development is not just about getting a website built that sells your products, it is about providing a visual display for your users to see what your brand stands for. Your brand’s outlook, message, and purpose should be evident in your website’s design. Customers want their web experiences to be consistent. It is unsettling to land on a website that doesn’t relate to the brand.

Also, create a unified look for all the pages on your website. Font, text style, headings size, etc. should be aligned. Keep the tone uniform. Add comprehensive infographics to support your content

How to Detect

  • Check if your website gives a uniform message on all platforms
  • Check if your website visually resonates with your brand

Conclusion: It’s About Time!

If you see more than one of these problems on your website that I have discussed above, it is about time to rebuild your website. Calculate your costs. Once done with the math, you are ready to begin!













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