The year 2020 has revolutionized technological Impact on education. All thanks to COVID-19, people are bound to their homes and reliant on technology for education. According to a recent study, the education software development market is projected to reach $350 billion by 2025!

In this blog post, I have highlighted top use cases and trends that are playing a key role in revolutionizing the technological impact on education. Let’s learn how technology has changed the face of education.

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Online Classes and Video Conferencing

Online education has become the new normal because of COVID-19. There was a global shift of education to online and e-learning platforms. UNESCO has recently conducted a study that highlights billion of students in 143 countries who are affected by COVID-19.

Will the vaccines bring life to normal? Yes, eventually! However, the culture of online education is established and here to stay. Teachers and students all around the world have adapted to online classes and video conferencing culture. This practice has not only helped in keeping education afloat in the pandemic but also equipped the teachers and students with new digital skills.  Therefore, E-Learning platforms are also assisting in the professional development and growth of school teachers.

AR, VR, and Gamification in Learning

What is the most amazing part of the technological impact on education? It is making education fun! Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and gamification of educational material has made the learning experience more fruitful and engaging. For example, here are a few interesting use-cases of VR in education. These include a field trip to MARS and an e-learning platform for STEM education. 

Learning Management Systems

Online Learning Management Systems (LMS) are making the biggest technological impact on education. What is an LMS? Simply put, It is a software platform for online learning.

LMS applications serve as digital classrooms.  Therefore, students can learn and study at any place according to their preferred time and pace. The features of flexibility and availability have made LMS one of the most highly demanded software applications. This boom in demand for e-learning software has increased the need for professional and skilled LMS development companies.

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AI-based Technological Impact on Education

AI is revolutionizing the education sector. One of the most amazing use-cases of AI in education is adaptive learning. Adaptive Learning is based on Machine Learning (ML) technology. It promises a personalized and one-one experience to everyone.

Online Libraries, Ecommerce, and E-Reading

Ecommerce and online libraries have made access to books to everyone all over the world extremely easy. Through technology, we can get access to digital and audiobooks instantly. The availability of online libraries is such a blessing for all the readers. Recently, due to the pandemic, Amazon’s Audible has made a huge collection of audio-books free for children all around the world.  Just imagine how this free access to a treasure of books can help our children in learning and growing.

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