What can you do with Python Programming Language?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages.

But what can you actually do with it?

Let's take a look at some popular uses of Python programming language.

What can you do with Python Programming Language?

Python development is, undoubtedly, a developer’s favorite. Almost every programmer is familiar with it, they find it easy to learn & implement, and there are so many uses of Python programming language too. 

So what exactly can you do with Python? What options are out there? 

In this article, we will try to find answers to these questions. Whether you want to work as a freelancer or a full-time employee at a software development company, you will have a much better understanding after reading this. So let’s get started.

Uses of Python Programming Language

Python is one of the highest paying programming languages, constantly growing, and it has a relatively easier learning curve too. The reason being the language’s simplicity and that its syntax is easily understandable.


Python language was initially developed for kids to learn how to code. Later on, it evolved into mainstream programming, and now, everyone from children to big tech companies use it.


Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Python language uses.


Web Development

Python can help you with all front-end & back-end aspects of website development. Companies like NASA and Amazon use it to handle all of their AI initiatives. A lot of successful techs corporations are using it. YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify are some of the most popular Python projects.


If we get a little technical, there are certain frameworks like Django and  Flask, that can be used for Python web development. As far as frontend is concerned, you have quite a few choices available. The most popular being ReactJS, AngularJS, & Bootstrap.

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Uses of Python programming language in AI & ML

Other fancy uses of Python programming language are in the Machine Learning space. Have you seen those cool Boston Dynamics robots? They fall and get back up again and they do it a couple of times before learning to stay upright and walk. Or a computer chess player that plays itself a few times before becoming the best chess player in the world. Then there this artificially intelligent machine that goes through various levels of Mario video game until it becomes the best at it.


This is all the power of AI & ML and Python can be used in the development of these smart machines through sophisticated algorithms & coding.


Deep learning and Machine Learning are not just limited physical objects. It is actually more useful in software and app development. Ever wonder how Amazon or Netflix recommend you different things? These are called recommendation systems. They suggest products and movies that even you didn’t know you liked until they are in your feed. Yes, that’s how smart AI is and this can all be done with Python.


That’s not it though, there so many other uses of Python programming language that you may or may not be familiar with. 


Image Recognition

Take the example of your smartphone. There could be thousands of pictures on the Android phone and when you open the Google app you see them categorized in a certain manner. If you have tons of pictures of your friend Joe, the app will sort all of Joe’s photos. Any guesses how it is doing that? It is actually recognizing Joe’s face. This is called image recognition. That is also something you can do with Python.


Digit Recognition

Handwriting is hard for a computer to recognize, right? Well, not anymore. With a High Confidence Interval, you can do that with Python. We are already seeing it happen in the smartphone keypad, where you write something with your finger and the keyboard recognizes the letter or digit.

Data Analytics

Data Science is whole another field and one that is getting quite popular. It is about analyzing data, loads of it. Maybe terabytes or petabytes of big data. Depending on the company you work for and the nature of the business, a data scientist will have access to specific business data and he/she has to make meaning out of it.


For example; a GAFA company like Facebook might be interested in knowing whether their ads are translating into sales? Or What kind of content is a specific segment of users is interested in watching?  Now, it will require some making some useful data visualizations because, without it, the data is not worth much. To do this, you need certain skill sets and tools. When it comes to coding in data analytics, Python is your best friend too.


There you have it. A compilation of some of the most popular uses of Python programming language at the moment. Hope reading this blog has gotten you even more excited about becoming a Python developer.


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