How can AngularJS Development Benefit your Business?

Today we will learn about some key features of AngularJS.

We will also try and understand how AngularJS development can benefit your business.

So let's dive into it.

How can AngularJS Development Benefit your Business?

AngularJS development is the go-to front-end development solution for many businesses and web development companies. They have been benefiting from the framework’s versatility and ability to create cross-platform mobile apps too.

The name ‘Angular’ was derived from the angle brackets sign (< >) in the HTML programming language.

In recent years, there’s been a debate that the popularity of JavaScript frameworks like React, will overshadow AngularJS development. The stats, however, reveal that the Google creation has been consistently downloaded during the past couple of years.




The AngularJS community is also constantly growing, which means there’s more support and resources available when learning to code via Google’s framework.

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So why is it so popular? Before we delve into the benefits of AngularJS development, let’s take a look at some of its business applications.

Applications of AngularJS

AngularJS development outsourcing assists an array of web and mobile app development initiatives but it specializes in:

Creating Large-scale Enterprise Applications

Angular is a popular choice among startups and accomplished companies when it comes to developing large-scale business solutions. 

Systems like ERP, CRMs are developed to cater to their large customer base & growing business needs. It serves as an email marketing & payment management solution as well.


Development of Single-page Apps (SPAs):

These dynamic single-page applications, with the aid of Angular, allow for a reload-free experience when navigating through the app. They follow the same data sending/receiving protocol but without the need for requesting a new page from the server, every time a user interacts with the application.

Many developers consider AnngularJS a dynamic web page builder only but it is very much capable of handling static pages too using Angular Universal (SSR).

Progressive Web Application development

Among other advantages, Angular is quite budget-friendly too. It reduces web development costs by allowing cross-platform functionality both online and offline. Though these operate on web browsers they still act like native applications.

This means users don’t have to install them via the Apple or Google App Stores and they can start benefiting from them directly from the browser. Here are a few successful websites made with AngularJS.


Top websites made with  AngularJS

       Website  Alexa Rank

  Google  Translate

                                             YouTube                                     #2
                                      Yahoo! News                                   #11
                                           Roblox                                  #93
The Guardian                               #164

Benefits of AngularJS Development

Angular is not just a technical beast but a very lucrative business solution too. Besides being a robust front-end development tool, it is also an amalgam of business logic & UI. It is a favorite among web developers and business owners because:

It is an Efficient Cross-platform Web and App development Tool

AngularJS development is producing promising results with PWAs but that is not its only expertise. The Google-powered tool comes in handy when creating native-like apps as well.

In the beginning, creators were using the Ionic – Angular combo, and nowadays, Angular – NativeScript is the most sought-after solution for giving apps a native vibe. This allows developers to create cross-platform apps using native APIs.

It helps in Developing High-quality Apps

According to ReactJS vs AngularJS learning curve statistics, React takes the trophy for being the easiest to learn. However, when it comes to creating web apps with exceptional user experience, developer skills play a vital role.

The more learned & proficient a developer is in Angular, the easier it becomes for him/her to deal with any other language in the JavaScript world. Plus, with a plethora of built-in features, they can create any kind of app they can imagine with AnguarJS.


It boosts Performance

Angular eliminates the need for a developer to continuously maintain the DOM tree hierarchy.  Its two-way data binding process allows them to code less and save precious time in updating the DOM as well.

Another performance-enhancing benefit of AngularJS development is its caching ability. Because it only deals with static files, there is less pressure on the servers, thus improving server performance drastically.

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