Why Shopify Is Fit For Ecommerce Companies In Website Development?

In this blog, you will find why Shopify is a go-to platform for eCommerce companies

You’ll also learn how it can help you create a successful eCommerce web store

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Why Shopify Is Fit For Ecommerce Companies In Website Development?

If we are to scroll back just a decade ago, then we may notice how eCommerce was merely restricted to just the big corporations around the world. With little options in features and systems to develop them, not many software development companies were working on this IT sector either. However, today’s world is completely different. Thanks to the work in technology, IT and programming, eCommerce website development companies have a range of technologies and systems available. Now, they can design an intuitive model that fits exactly according to the needs of eCommerce web development. Here, one option that is in the discussion is Shopify. Using Shopify for eCommerce development has become a norm, and it is for all the right reasons as well.

It was almost a decade ago when eCommerce website development companies started to design an online shopping cart feature using Shopify. This was the point which motivated developers to start thinking ahead and bigger than they used to. While there are several other options available now, Shopify is gained much popularity, perhaps no one can deny that. eCommerce solutions like WooCommerce and SquareSpace are equally useful. However, most clients in the eCommerce market are well aware of the user-friendly and convenient nature of Shopify applications.

What Makes It The Best Choice Among Ecommerce Website Development Companies?

Before we dive into logics and reasoning, a quick look at the statistics might convince you early. Today, there are around 820,000 merchants who are using Shopify for their business. Just last year, the system made over 1.5 billion-dollar sales on just Black Friday. That means 11,000 orders per minute in a day. This might just be enough evidence that tells eCommerce website development companies are actively using this technology. Why do they do this? Let’s see:

1)     Incredible Customer Support

On one hand, we have the option of choosing WordPress to go for eCommerce web development. While that option is also a good choice but is it still good if you discover Shopify’s customer support? The commerce platform offers incredible customer support that works 24×7 via different platforms. Clients have options of choosing between Live Chat, Phone Calls, Twitter, and even emails. However, depending on the platform, the users will have to adjust to the waiting period. However, apart from the live chat support, phone calls and social media conversation are two of the fastest methods for eCommerce website development companies.

2)     Application Integration Features

When it comes to eCommerce development, it is best if the businesses can add more channels to their website platforms. This way, they can increase their consumer base and increase the reach of their customers. Shopify gives you the feature to do this job easily. With easy and manageable integration, businesses only have to worry about which service to integrate as there are so many options available now. Moreover, this is a perfect opportunity for SaaS service companies. Shopify is always aiming for betterment. This means that whatever innovative service that you are looking for, you can find it on the platform. There are options to choose the free plans for customers as well. Hence, even those who have a low budget can gain benefits through this platform.

3)     One Of The Best Security Features

Since Shopify is such a renowned platform among the eCommerce website development companies, it has to do its required homework on securing its platforms as well. Now more than ever, security & privacy is one of the top concerns of online business, and it always should be. Fortunately, Shopify has a whole community that is monitoring its network all around the clock, searching for any breach or data leak. The platform proudly boasts a certain security standard that makes sure that your online store is not a victim of Trojans or other viruses.

Furthermore, to take it one step ahead, eCommerce businesses have an option to choose between SSL certificates or PCI complacency to store credit card information. This way, the businesses are building a secure channel for themselves. Google already prefers websites with SSL certificates and they rank them higher than others as well. Shopify understands how important security is for the customers and invests millions just to ensure that they remain compliant to PCI regulations and other security standards. That is why the eCommerce website development companies will only be building “https” websites for your eCommerce business.

4)     Offering Endless Designs To Ecommerce Website Development

Shopify is not just about what is going on in the back-end, but it also caters to the needs of the front-end as well. We have constantly and consistently claimed that UI UX of online platforms plays an incredible role in increasing your business through online channels. If we look at Shopify, then they portray a similar understanding through their platform as well. They know the high significance of the first website impression and work to offer their customers a seamless experience. They offer hundreds of free and paid themes for eCommerce websites. Even the paid themes are not entirely out of budget, companies can avail them for under $ 180.

If this is not something that you are looking for then why not go for complete customization? Ecommerce website development companies can also choose to fully customize the themes they choose to build a UI UX preference they are looking for. There are a handful of options that they can choose from.

Wrapping It Up

Speaking strictly from experience as one of eCommerce website development companies, Shopify is an affordable platform that not only encourages the developer community but also businesses. The platform offers all the necessities for businesses and developers to start working on it effortlessly. Through the use of their top customer support channels and the features they provide, eCommerce web development becomes so much easier than it was back in the early days. Clients and customers have different plans to choose and can quickly get on their way to build a great experience for their audience. With top security features and an impressive list of features and add-ons, this is surely the platform you need to build an online market for your business.



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