Naveed ul Aziz

Head of Digital Transformation


Naveed ul Aziz is the Head of Digital Transformation at InvoZone. Digital transformation is not just a job title for him. In fact, it is something he is deeply passionate about.

He has charmingly built up the reputation of a tech geek, a solution-oriented Computer Scientist highly regarded for around 10 years of accelerating experience developing, implementing, orchestrating, and supporting complex infrastructures and transformation into technical solutions for the leaders in the Decentralised Systems, News, Media Agencies, Sports, Real Estate, Tourism, E-commerce, Medical, Gaming, Education and Professional Services.

He has worthier exposure to development methodologies, developer supervision, and client relations. Stating another note-worthy skill, he is also a motivational and influential project manager, providing effective leadership in deadline-driven, fast-paced environments.

A software engineer intern at ORM Digital Solutions. He climbed up the ladder, offering his unforgettable contributions to companies like ArbiSoft, Tkxel, DFRS Before he devoted himself to his current position, he started his professional career as center, Outsource NZ, and PureLogics.

Now, he shares his industrial insights with the software development community in words. His artwork is for people who are eager to learn and be reminded of the power of technology to rewire their brains and, for a short period of time, let them experience the highs, lows, and eventual highs (again) of tech giants. If you are one of these people, dive deeper into his chronicles below.

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