Latest eCommerce Website Development Technologies to Choose From

Find out which web development technology suits your online business

Also, check out if the technology you are choosing contains four necessary features

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Latest eCommerce Website Development Technologies to Choose From

If your business focuses on online store development, you must be aware of the fact that most of the features of eCommerce web technologies are similar in usage. Perhaps, give or take only a few. Here, we are taking into consideration the basic features like designs that stand out, adept templates and themes, multiple payment methods to choose, and responsive customer care. 

Why Choose Technology for Your Online Business?

When we ask you to use technology in eCommerce, we mean that you should use programming languages. These languages help programmers develop eCommerce platforms. New technologies emerge in the field of programming on a regular basis. So, which technology is the best? A tricky question!

Want an easy way out? Check out if the technology you are choosing contains all these four features:

Is it Secure?

Yes, protecting your data and information contained by your website must be your utmost priority. While opting for an eCommerce outsourcing service, make sure security and data protection is the utmost priority for the development team as well. Why? This is because all eCommerce website platforms want to build customer trust and loyalty. Providing security is a great way to achieve this.

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Is it Reliable?

Check if the option you are choosing is reliable. Reliability in eCommerce web designing refers to site speed and uptime. It refers to the capability of your platform to perform when it is subject to a huge load in terms of users, product lists and vendors. If your online business is not crashing due to huge amounts of users on your site, then you have a perfect platform for eCommerce.

Is it Flexible?

The eCommerce platform you are choosing should be flexible. It should let you customize as per your business requirements. Customization is a key element when building an online platform. Think about the greatest brand present in this world: Amazon, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. Can you recognize them by their colours and with a single look at their platform?

Online brands should be tailor-fit according to business branding. Hence, your choice of eCommerce solution should support this need 100%.

Is it Scalable?

Balance is everything. Your eCommerce website should be able to maintain scalability to ensure it performs even when your business starts to grow. All businesses have a single goal of increasing ROI, return on investment. In eCommerce, the goal is not any different. However, the digital infrastructure must ensure it will continue to perform as the business expands and more features are added to the website.

A good eCommerce development project is a combination of all these four features.

What else should help you make a decision, then? For any business, custom eCommerce development is crucial. This way, you can focus on the requirements of your business and choose the technologies that serve your purpose in the best way possible. 

Depending on your business requirements, you can always choose from the latest technologies available in the market for your eCommerce website development. Also, you can hire a team of professionals to help you. A professional eCommerce web developer can help you make the right choice for your business. 

Yet again, the choices are numerous. Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, to name a few. Unless you hire a professional team to choose for you (which we highly recommend because it saves a lot of your time and is effortless), here is a list of few amazingly latest technologies to take advantage of. Have a look!  


If you want a platform that offers you the most responsive checkout, Shopify is your answer. Almost half of the transactions in the eCommerce industry happen via mobile services, Shopify app development guys made sure that they offer the quickest checkout possible. This feature works best for your store’s fluid sales. Also, Shopify provides the option of paying through Bitcoins instead of regular cash (how cool is that, no?) to your customers. Shopify development services can save your day.

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If you favour eCommerce outsourcing companies that are rich in features, Magento can be a wise choice. Magento development services offer the best solutions for establishing the latest eCommerce websites. The features that make Magento development company stand out among others are as below:

  1. Access to shopping cart systems is very easy.
  2. Its platform’s key building principle is OOP.
  3. It offers all of the four crucial features we discussed above. It is safe, scalable, easy to customize, and very dependable.
  4. Magento development language is PHP. Also, it allows you to use the open-source version, and that too free of cost!
  5. It utilizes CRUD operations. 

If you choose the Magento development company as your service provider, there are many additional advantages too. Not only would they develop an up-to-date eCommerce website, but also offer numerous options to customize your website according to your feature and style preferences. It becomes very easy for you to build a secure online store in no time. 

If you have experience building an eCommerce online store, you must be familiar with the fact that either with the passage of time or abruptly, your requirements change. This situation becomes quite challenging and tricky. It is always handy to have a service like Magento eCommerce development to facilitate you with all the customization you need. When it comes to dependable eCommerce B2B and B2C platforms, Magento has the highest number of satisfied customers. It also offers a wide range of extensions that can you integrate with other clients’ products and services easily. 

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If you are looking for cost-friendly services, have a look at the offers available by WooCommerce development services. WooCommerce offers free of cost plugins which you can integrate with WordPress. It helps sellers make sales effortlessly and in no time. Free access to premium WordPress features and extensions make it a go-to place for all those who are looking for cost-effective services. WooCommerce claims 30% of the eCommerce marketplace share and is catering to customers’ needs all around the world. You can easily sell and ship products, which is further simplified by the availability of several payment options. 


Weren’t free extensions an offer luring enough? Have a look at this one! OsCommerce is an eCommerce website development company that offers free of cost services to its users. yes, you heard that right! If you want to self-host an online store, you will have complete access to their database. Also, you can enjoy full control of the store and its services.

So far, more than 7000 free of cost add-ons are available. You can get help from a wide community of 280, 000 service providers and eCommerce business owners, which makes the process of eCommerce website development smooth. Considering all the other open-source options, OsCommerce is your safest bet.


If you are an eCommerce developer, you must be already familiar with OpenCart. It is an open-source utilized by many eCommerce stores. It features a vast variety of plugins, can be used as a backhand, and editing access can be gained through admin within the source.

Cons? The support systems are not as much detailed as those offered by Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Drupal Commerce

If we look from a web development point of view, Drupal Commerce is one of the best options. The framework on which its foundations are built focuses on the basics of website development, hence, you have lots of building-from-scratch options to choose from. Its content management offers great quality, which makes it easy for customers to handle data.


SimpleCart is as simple as its moto implies: All You Need to Know is HTML!

And according to its active users, it is true too. If you are thinking of running a small eCommerce store, SimpleCart can be your most suitable option. It boasts a small footprint (which makes it run fast!) and offers an amazing service experience. Users can also pay by choosing from a variety of payment options.

But every pro has a con. Don’t forget to run good security software alongside to ensure your web security.

Concluding, if you are thinking of running your eCommerce business yourself or thinking of hiring professional help, make sure to use the technologies wisely and after much consideration.

Remember, tall buildings stand on strong foundations only!