How to Build an Awesome Healthcare Application on a Tight Budget?

This is a quick guide to healthcare app development in tight time and budget constraints. 

Let's dig in!

How to Build an Awesome Healthcare Application on a Tight Budget?

Do you know that the demand and market for healthcare app development have surged reasonably high, especially, amid COVID19? According to a recent research report, 250 billion USD investments in healthcare are shifting to virtual care models. According to another study, the total spending on healthcare has reached 3.8 trillion $ with a 4.6 percent increase in the last year. This opens a door for an immense amount of opportunities for entrepreneurs who have awesome ideas to build healthcare technology. 

Do you have an idea for a healthcare app, but don’t know from where or how to start? You also might be wondering that how much it costs to build an app? Or you are building the medical application but struggling with time and budget constraints? Or maybe – you have started a new healthcare mobile app development project, but are worried that the project is interfering with your main line of business. You have come to the right place. The answer to your problems is software outsourcing (to the right software development company, of course!). 

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Why Healthcare App Outsourcing?

Here are the main reasons why you should opt for outsourcing healthcare application development:

  • Whether you want to invest in a medical eCommerce website or healthcare mobile app development, outsourcing is both cost and time-effective.
  • You can find expert teams, proficient in the latest technology.
  • Outsourcing provides quality and flexibility in software development.
  • A good software outsourcing company will ensure data security and privacy. It means that you do not need to worry about HIPAA compliance if you give app development in the hands of experts.

This is a quick guide to healthcare app development in tight time and budget constraints. 

Let’s dive in.


Steps to Outsource Healthcare App Development 

If you want to build a quality application under restricted time and budget constraints, focus on two main concerns. First, you must make sure that you are choosing the right healthcare app development company. Secondly, to make sure that you are choosing the right engagement and pricing model. Let’s explore these.

Choose the Right Healthcare App Development Partner

Working with the right outsourcing healthcare app development company can be a game-changer for you. It will cost way less than in-house development and or even than hiring freelancers. Managing freelancers is a bigger headache than hiring full-time resources (high-cost alert!).

Therefore, the best choice is hiring healthcare app development services from the right company. Keep the following factors in mind while choosing your outsourcing partner:

Expertise and Experience

You do not want to give away your software project to a bunch of rookies. Check the portfolio of the software development companies. Evaluate the expertise and experience of the teams you are going to work with. Also evaluate their website, marketing strategies, blogs, and product demonstrations. See how differently they work from the rest.

Communication and Management

How are the company representatives communicating with you? Are they listening to your ideas and apprehensions? Do they seem cooperative and helpful? How do they resonate with your organization’s culture? Furthermore, keenly observe how they manage time to respond to you, how effectively they communicate. These factors are crucial for your project to be a success.  

HIPAA Compliant Healthcare App Development

It is crucial to check whether the outsourcing company takes care of regulatory and compliance. Do check if the company understands and implements HIPAA security standards.

Customer Reviews

The customer’s review tells a lot about the organizations. Check client testimonials and customer reviews on third-party review forums and websites. 

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Explore and Choose the Right Engagement and Pricing Model 

Take quotations from different healthcare app development companies and observe which outsourcing company provides the best value for money. Furthermore, remember that time is also money. So set a feasible budget and time with the third-party product development organization. For example, at InvoZone, we have two engagement and pricing models – fix gigs, and a dedicated team model. These models can help you custom tailor your project according to your healthcare app features and costs/time constraints. Let’s have a brief look at each model:

Fix Gigs:

In the fixed gigs model, you set the fixed cost and requirements of the project with us, and we will provide you with a high-quality healthcare project on time. From the requirements gathering phase to product deployment and maintenance, InvoZone will make sure that your
healthcare app development project is successfully accomplished within your demanded time and budget. 

Dedicated Resource Model:

If you want to keep control of the healthcare project, then you can try a dedicated resource model. Here, you can communicate your required technology stack & working hours, and select the best resources from our list of experts. What’s amazing about working with us? You can start with a one-week free trial! You can communicate and collaborate with us at all times. We offer support and maintenance after product delivery as well. 

There can be various dedicated team structures including total offsite, hybrid models, and shared resources. In the complete offsite model, the whole team along with the project manager will work remotely. In hybrid models, the project manager can be on-shore. You can also use shared resources where our team and your team can work in collaboration. For more details on dedicated development teams, contact us.

To conclude, you can create a high-quality and low budget healthcare product by outsourcing healthcare app development to the right company. If you want to learn more about healthcare software development, feel free to contact us.