Summary of the Episode

InvoTalks podcast  talks to amazing startup Hedepay changing the mental health tech industry by storm. Lucas CEO of Hedepay sat with Fatima Suhail the PR and Comm Executive InvoZone to discuss the stigmas attached with mental health and how technology is helping to break these stigmas. By making mental health more accessible and prejudice-free.

Show Notes

  • With the inclusion of technology, mental health has become widespread, more accessible  and affordable for masses. So we are on the edge of a mental healthcare revolution like after 90 years. But still stigma, lack of human resource, fragmented plus broken service delivery models, and lack of research capacity for implementation of policy change are proving to be contributing factors to the current mental health treatment gap.
  • Still in the 21st century, it is hard to connect the correct psychotherapist with correct patient-which is the vital step in the success of the whole process. Hedepay robust algorithms connect the right patient with the right  psychiatrist if patients themselves are unable to figure out what they want.
  • Rightnow, the huge trend is of B2B companies coming forward to procure mental health care services to support the mental well being of their employees. This helps them exercise the long lasting relationship with their employees.
  • If someone is planning to build a mental healthtech startup then it is important for them to first do their homework, develop an MVP and bootstrap as much as they want.




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