Artificial intelligence (AI) myths you need to stop believing 

Today, we will be talking about 5 common AI myths that people need to stop believing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) myths you need to stop believing 

AI and world domination jokes go hand in hand, but buried inside the jokes is a seed of unease, that has not only led people to believe preposterous AI myths, but also fear smart machines. 

Even in today’s technological world, people are not ready to welcome robots such as Sophia, with open arms. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the potential that AI based machines can reach in the coming years.

However, there are a few things that machines simply can’t achieve on their own, no matter how advanced they become. Curious to know about AI myth vs reality? Well, you’ve landed on the right page.

Today, we will be debunking some widely-believed myths about AI. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) myths you need to stop believing in. 

Below mentioned are 5 big myths of AI and machine learning that you need to stop believing in. 

1. AI is going to replace human jobs

The most common misconception of artificial intelligence is that it is going to replace all jobs in the future. Considering the amount of task assistance that AI technology is providing these days, it’s definitely not something that sounds absurd. However, the idea of complete transfer of labor from humans to machines is a red herring. 

When it comes to easing workload on workers, the contribution of artificial intelligence has surely been immense. There’s no doubt that AI machines are  intelligent, but we need to keep in mind that they lack common sense, and hence, only possess limited capabilities. 

Machines can perform tasks, not jobs, and are meant to work ‘with’ humans, not ‘instead’ of them.  Therefore, this myth of artificial intelligence should not be considered true.

2. AI is a super expensive undertaking 

AI being super expensive has to be one of biggest myths about AI. Majority of businesses assume that they need to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to implement and maintain AI based machines.

One of the main reasons behind this misconception of artificial intelligence is that whenever AI is mentioned, people automatically start to think about fancy tech such as humanoid robots, autonomous cars, and drones.  

Though a humanoid robot might actually cost you a huge chunk of money, there are several other AI applications that can help you improve your businesses productivity, profit and efficiency without breaking the bank, for example; chatbots

Today, both big and small businesses are making use of chatbots. This simple and budget-friendly piece of artificial intelligence technology has helped millions of businesses improve their client services and increase user engagement.

Moreover, there are several other useful AI based technologies such as digital assistants, Google algorithms, and more that aren’t as expensive as people think of them to be. 

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3. AI Algorithm can manage and process your messy data 

Another myth about AI is that machines can make sense of whatever messy, unorganized and invalid data they are fed.  However, this is not true as even the most types of artificial intelligence systems can’t understand poorly compiled data.

Misinformation is worse than no information. Even the most robust and advanced algorithms require clean data to work with. The impact of bad data can be quite severe, and can significantly affect the performance of your business.

Therefore, it is important that all raw data that is fed to AI based search engine is in order, correct and relevant to the problem being solved.  

4. AI is not for small businesses 

One of the biggest AI myths is that it’s not for small businesses. Majority of small businesses are depriving themselves of the advantages of artificial intelligence thinking that it’s only something that would benefit organizations with huge datasets, data analysts and programmers. However, the reality is entirely different. 

AI is just as useful and beneficial for small businesses as it is for the big ones. In fact, AI implementation can help small businesses streamline their functions, put them ahead of their competition and widen their horizon in general.

5. AI will take over the world 

Artificial intelligence taking over the world is perhaps one of the most popular artificial intelligence myths to exist. For years, movies have portrayed humans becoming slaves to machines in the future.

But, let’s not forget that a machine is only as intelligent as we make it. Machines are, and will be, dependent on humans, who create, program, and teach them to carry out specific tasks. 

Though AI can solve complex tasks; humans still can’t rely on their judgement. No matter how advanced an algorithm is, it will always require human intervention to make informed decisions.

Therefore, even if robots start to look like humans, they will still remain sophisticated machines that can’t be created without the help of the human brain. 


When it comes to making hectic and time-consuming tasks easier and quicker, the positive aspects of artificial intelligence undoubtedly makes a huge difference. Machines do, and will keep on, making our everyday life easier. It’s about time people stop believing in nonsensical AI myths and start believing only in facts about AI.