Chatbots in E-Commerce – Why Are They Important?

How many times have you opened a website or even a Facebook page, and a chatbot popped up? Frankly, this is quite a norm in businesses and not just a fashionable webpage style trend. Basically, chatbots are automated messages which receive visitors coming to your webpage and guide them through your website. They perform a set of assigned mundane and repetitive tasks, something too basic for humans (and boring as well!). Facebook recently incorporated chatbots into their Messenger app, in a way to cater businesses present on its Pages. Now, most webpages are shifting to this design that provides convenience and a sense of 24×7 availability. Similarly, e-commerce businesses should also think about integrating chatbots in their online platforms. Let’s discuss why!

Chatbots In E-Commerce Upsells

Chatbots are a great way to increase your marketing of the latest collections and deals. AI chatbots can even calculate personal preferences, order history and social media activities to figure out which item best fits a visitor’s needs. This not only helps e-commerce market their new products to visiting or new customers but it also creates a potential for upselling.

Personalized Chatbots

Integrating chatbots in an e-commerce business might not be as much of a challenge as giving it a human touch. Companies that provide increased levels of personalization in their chatbots are more likely to outperform. Speaking to a bot that delivers generic response is fine. However, if one modernizes it by giving it the ability to read, understand customer response and analyze past purchasing behaviour to generate replies is one level above.

Checkout Procedures

Subtle attention to details goes a long way, especially in the case for e-commerce businesses. In e-commerce, one thing that customers hate is a dragging checkout process. Sometimes added features like editing cart items show customers of the “human touch” involved. Whether yours is product-based or service-based e-commerce business, chatbots can make the complex checkout process easier for customers. In fact, chatbots can even make checkouts through Facebook’s Messenger!

Similarly, chatbots can even take care of the customer service of the e-commerce business. Opening a business online means that the website might receive traffic all around the clock.  Providing efficient customer service is difficult unless you opt for outsourcing the department, which can get complex. A simpler method like integrating a chatbot that can guide your visitors allows you to take more control of the sort of customer experience you want to maintain.

Chatbots in e-commerce not only transform the online process but also increase customer engagements, retain customers and improve sales. A clever chatbot is a clever marketing procedure, one that can talk back to those who interact with it. If you are looking for a clever e-commerce application strategy, then InvoZone can help you with that. Our complete solution package can provide you with consultation, solution and implementation services that can uplift your online presence.


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