3 Reasons Why Technical Support Services are Crucial for your Business?

Did you know that 77% of customers won't make a purchase if there's no Live Chat Support?

And exceptional tech support can boost revenues?

Today, let's try & learn the importance of Technical Support Services for Business growth.

3 Reasons Why Technical Support Services are Crucial for your Business?

Accomplished businesses and SMEs face unique challenges regularly. Budget constraints, employee management, relationships with suppliers, customer retention are just a few of them. Running the daily state-of-affairs with a limited budget is challenging enough. The scarce resources result in making some hard choices when the need for new investment arises. In most cases, the technical support & services department is left out.

This raises the question,  Is the IT support department important for your business? Before calculating the cost of hiring support technicians, also take into account the cost of not outsourcing technical support services.


What do Experts Say?

According to a survey, 94% of business owners find it hard to manage and maintain their existing applications and software, and the same percentage struggle to benefit from the tech developed to aid their business.

Ann Monroe, VP of Worldwide Marketing & Customer Success at FileMaker, calls these issues “work rut” and shared what causes these.


“A work rut occurs when teams exhaust or outgrow the capabilities of their appliance apps or enterprise systems. This results in stalled progress and frustrated employees.”


The absence of an effective IT maintenance team means your company and customer data is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and in an era where data is king, no company can afford to take that risk. Recovering from such an event is easier said than done and can cost way more than it would have to initially invest in sound technical support services

Providing technical support to customers is also one of the most crucial factors contributing to business growth. A KPMG study suggests that customer retention is crucial for revenue growth and exceptional tech support initiatives can prove beneficial for organizations.


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Moreover, when it comes to dealing with in-house tasks, IT-related issues can negatively impact employee morale and lower productivity. Another cost that can influence businesses in the long-run.

So yes, tech support is very important for business longevity, and it is not a wise decision to play it safe in this department. Let’s discuss some reasons that support its implementation.


Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support & Services

It assists Business/Customer Data Security & Management

Taking care of big data is near impossible without a technological intervention in form of software or tech support personnel. There’s a need for managing and storing data in a way that only allows relevant information available to employees or customers. 




This data has to be securely transmitted across the network to fulfill various tasks. An average Joe or Jane can not handle this task. It is the job of an expert technical support services team to look after this valuable data and ensure its security. Also, do not worry if you are planning to outsource tech support from another country, with cloud computing the data can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Real-Time Live Chat Support improves Customer Retention

According to eConsultancy, over 83% of online consumers require some kind of assistance when buying products or services online. This a huge opportunity to capitalize on and failure to assist customers at this point can result in lost customers (possibly forever) and it costs 7 times more to win a new customer than to retain an existing one.


In terms of customer retention & satisfaction, technical support via live chat is said to be a winner among all other modes of customer support. It allows sellers to engage with consumers in real-time and solve their issues. This act alone is enough to turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one. Considering that Millennials, who account for over 30% of all eCommerce transactions, prefer live chat support, investing in it is a no-brainer.


Technical Support & Services helps in Maintaining Office infrastructure

Running a company is a daunting task. And when issues with basic office essentials like software, internet connection, laptops, etc start misbehaving, it’s not good news. 


You have two choices here- 1. Waste valuable time in figuring out how to solve the problem, or 2. Hire technical support services to take care of these issues. If the goal is long-term success, outsourcing expertise is the only viable solution. They can identify & solve problems quickly, and take measures to ensure such issues don’t occur again. 


This will not only save valuable time & investment but also improve employee productivity by keeping them focused on priority tasks.


Hopefully, this article helped you in understanding the importance of a dedicated tech support team for business. However, if you need more clarity on the subject or looking to hire IT support experts, get in touch with InvoZone.

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