A blockchain-based platform that converts individual properties into digital shares seamlessly connecting diverse investors and asset owners to invest and trade.

Blockchain - Real Estate

Meridio is a blockchain-based smart contract platform that helps customers making investments and trading in the real estate sector. Meridio is a platform that allows participants to easily create and trade digital real estate shares with full transparency. It is an efficient real estate ecosystem where incentives for asset owners, investors, and service providers are aligned in every transaction.

Enable People To Create And Invest In Shares Of Individual Properties On The Blockchain

The aim was to build a platform that helps investors and asset owners to digitalize & democratize selling, buying, and investing in real estate.

Our Approach

Build Blockchain-Based
Smart Contract System

Our client was interested in democratizing real estate investment online. And since blockchain is the go-to technology that democratizes online transactions of all kinds, we developed a system of blockchain-based smart contracts.

End Solution

A blockchain-based real estate investment and trading platform. It streamlines the payment process, unlocks additional capital, and helps in analyzing asset-specific data. Investors can make direct peer-to-peer investments and increase their liquidity portfolio.

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