A collaborative digital publication platform for public notice helping journalists, governments, and legal entities to distribute public interest information.


Online Publication

Public notice platform helping journalists, governments, and legal services

Our client is a US innovator and a distributor of public notice to help journalists, governments, and legal services distribute their notices. The company focuses on ease of access and solving the challenges for press and newspaper companies.

Knowledge of relevant industry information was a key consideration for our client when choosing a reliable outsourcing partner to modernize and adapt to changes in technology. The tight project timeline was also a concern during the vendor selection process, as the majority of functionality for managing patient wait times had to be implemented by the end of the client’s fiscal year to take full advantage of sponsorship funds.

The Right Solution

Delivering an online information distribution platform that takes a deep understanding of not only the technology involved but the common industry practices. We partnered with Column to build a solution that will help them achieve their target.


Our Approach

Speed up the Process

We applied a skilled approach to speed up the development of new software to cover architectural enhancements and new capabilities and develop a solution within the timeline decided.

End Solution

This information distribution platform Column has yielded many benefits for stakeholders – journalists, government, and legal services– related to the efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness of related public notice procedures. For our client, this platform modernization will pay dividends for years to come.

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