A free online marketplace platform for homebuyers & sellers. Instantly list your properties, chat with buyers/sellers, close deals, and more.


Real Estate

Selling your home is now easier than ever

Homepie makes it super quick to sell your home in less than 5 minutes, your home is visible to active buyers on the MLS, and major leading sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Redfin. The website supports features like a pricing calculator, optimal internal search to help buyers find suitable options.

Build an Online Marketplace to Connect Buyers & Sellers

InvoZone’s aim was to build a real-estate online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers directly. Our roadmap was to demystify the home selling process keeping customers and buyers informed each step of the way.


Our Approach

Give Customers a maximum Exposure to Potential Buyers

Listing homes on Homepie can give customers maximum exposure to potential buyers. Homepie offers everything from For Sale signs to MLS listings. Plus, you can promote your home on Zillow and 100+ other sites.

End Result

Homepie automatically creates your purchase contract with agreed-upon terms. It’s all done electronically, and it’s completely free. Optional transaction coordinators can help with required legal disclosures and more.

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