Anakeed Mart

An online grocery shopping platform based in Saudi Arabia for providing high-quality, organic products such as fruits and vegetables straight to your doorstep.

Anakeed Mart

Food & Grocery Application

Online marketplace for food and grocery purchasing

While Supermarket culture has rolled out greater consumer benefits, the only grueling task for shoppers was juggling between an overwhelming number of packages and labels stocked in the train of shelves. Anakeed Mart’s owner got an aisle-side view of obtaining inventory and store layout data from major grocery chains into a single application that can help shoppers navigate to items quickly from their favorite stores, without hunting around and gazing at shelves.

Build intuitive website

Translating the ideologies, our Design team came up with a wireframe as a default template for an online grocery market, respecting the standard interface design, usability, call-to-actions, and break lines that divide the content for a smooth and crisp design.


Our Approach

Integrate a CMS and Multiple plugins together

We have used Google API for Android and iOS through which we have compared the longitude and latitude of the user’s position to the locations of the various available nearby store.

The app included the feature of sending the user’s device position co-ordinates to a back-end server. This SQL server then compared the longitude and latitude of the user’s position to the locations of the various available nearby stores and then send back ‘distance to the nearby store’ data to the user’s device, to provide the necessary information to the user.

End Solution

Everything essential for the user has been thought of and incorporated within Anakeed Mart so that users can navigate around the online grocery app easily and accomplish the grocery shopping task in a few steps. Anakeed Mart has empowered many retailers and supermarket owners and helped them achieve financial targets and increased user base.

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