Step Into The Forefront of Web 3 Innovation at WOW Summit 2023

To empower the world of tech with new robust solutions the WOW summit is here taking place from March 29th to March 30th.

March 27th, 2023 One of the most awaited Web 3 events of 2023 the WOW summit is right around the corner. Happening from March 29th to 30th at Asia World Expo, Hong Kong, and we at InvoZone are honored to witness the trailblazing technologies equipped with our Web 3 solutions this year.

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InvoZone Is Excited About WOW Summit

InvoZone this year with a separate vertical InvoBlox containing a team of 500+ top notch blockchain developers. Experienced in successfully delivering 300+ projects is honored to witness this event.

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WOW summit is the first major tech gala of Hong Kong since after the hard-hitting COVID. This year with notable participants such as government officials, industry leaders, multinational corporations, innovators, VCs, entrepreneurs, NFT, and digital artists. Thus, also provides the opportunity for the attendees to network, receive mentorship, get a chance of lead generation, and become part of tech jam-packed discussions.

What is the WOW Summit?

WOW Summit is the global series of Web3-centric events hosted in Dubai, UAE, and Lisbon, Portugal, in 2021-2022. Hong Kong is a strategic location in the APAC region. Presenting startups, attendees, and companies the opportunity to interact with each other.

With the inclusion of startup competition, the tech fest is a center to spot innovative technologies and hang with the best in the industry.

CEO & Founder of InvoZone Furqan Aziz expressing his enthusiasm for the ever-transforming Web 3 world said

“In this ever-changing landscape of the Web 3 world, it is always exciting to witness new developments. Undoubtedly, Hong Kong being one of the technology hubs is a stimulating Web 3 landscape. Especially, after its announcement of earmarking 6.4M for the development of the Web3 ecosystem. And events like the WOW summit are the best manifestation of the digital transformation occurring in the Web 3 world.”

About InvoZone

Founded in 2014, InvoZone, with its software and mobile development service has 300+ projects under its umbrella and 500+ employees with offices in the USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Pakistan.  Offering true cutting-edge technologies Blockchain development (InvoBlox) and Game development (InvoGames)- we are bringing value to businesses all around the globe.

The company has been recognized as the top web and software development company by various reputable platforms like Good Firms and many other well-known review platforms including Top developers, Selected Firms, AppFutura, Techreviewer, and more. 

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