Why Mobile Apps for Travel and Tourism are Gaining Attention

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Why Mobile Apps for Travel and Tourism are Gaining Attention


The travel and tourism industry is one of the strong suits of a developed nation. In a developing nation like Malaysia, tourism travels are increasing at a rate of 4.8%. Moreover, there are almost 11 million travelers who reached the country in the first half of 2019. Technology has a great contribution towards face-lifting several countries, their image, and reputation. Thanks to handy devices, such as a smartphone, all necessary info about any destination are now available through travel and tourism apps, or otherwise.

Travel agents typically offer consultation services if one has to reach a destination, may it be for work or vacation. Aside from charging a hefty sum, these travel agents sometimes do not come clean which might give you a terrible experience. To counter this, companies and entrepreneurs have come up with a brilliant idea to develop useful travel apps that cut out the middleman.

The idea is to develop a platform in the form of mobile apps for travel and tourism where people can come and look up places, book hotels, see the weather forecast, all under one roof. Besides, the purpose of travel apps is to provide smooth customer experiences because customer satisfaction is of utmost importance; it can make or break businesses. Let’s analyze this in detail.


Benefits of Travel and Tourism Apps

A One-Stop-Shop For Everyone

Nowadays, applications that offer the most services are considered the best, may it be web-based or mobile-based. For a tourist, they would rather want to browse an application that offers them updated search, booking, and hotels. This also includes information on famous places and even an integrated map.


Travel Apps Provide Easy of Booking

People nowadays mostly look towards ease of access. Manual planning of holidays is harder and takes a lot of time away if one calls in the “experts”. These, as discussed earlier, are travel agents who are just not the trend of today. The majority of the tourists have smart devices through which they look up places. Having travel apps in a device means that there is no need to visit an agent since all information is readily available on your phone.


Insight To Travel Destinations

How many times have you thought about wanting to look at your travel destination before you travel? A case with most people, travel & tourism apps like Airbnb and CultureTrip offer great views of hotels and destinations, so you know what to expect when you reach your venue. Traditional forms of travel business may offer photos, but it is convenient to keep the pictures in an application that you can open at any time.


Travel Apps Ease Payment Methods

One of the huge advantages users get is the simplification of transactions and payment methods. With less paperwork involved, travel apps have entirely curtailed the old processes. Convenient and practical, mobile transactions send receipts to your mailing address, which you cannot lose. Sometimes you might not even be required to carry a hard receipt as long as you have one inside your phone.

It’s safe to say that none of this would be possible if online transactions had not improved as much as they have. Users now have the option to pay for a trip entirely through cards, negating the need to carry any cash at all.


24/7 Availability

One of the many challenges that every business faces including the tourism industry are meeting customer expectations in terms of seamless customer service. One of the key advantages of mobile apps for travel and tourism is round-the-clock availability for support. 



Having a travel application gives companies a chance to spread awareness about their brand irrespective of their geographical location. Moreover, tourists can get all the information they need directly from the application. 


Helps Better Plan Trip

Travel customers can easily plan their trips using mobile apps for travel and tourism. They can access pictures and videos of places to decide which place to visit first. According to a survey, 66% of the tourists watch the videos of the destination before landing there.


An Effective Marketing tool

In this day and age, online business marketing and promotion are becoming very common and is considered an effective tool for business visibility and productivity. 

Therefore, mobile applications help businesses stay connected with their customers. Apart from being a great source of information for tourists. The most significant advantage of a great travel app idea is that it can not only interact directly with customers and find out about their preferences but businesses can publish their tour packages along with discounts to reach a broader audience through instant notifications.


Travel and Tourism App Features 

Following are the ten most important features that every travel app should have:

    • Geolocation tracking for facilitating travelers along with navigation and routing options.
    • Helps tourists to design a travel plan based on personal preferences.
    • Weather forecast so that they can plan their visit accordingly.
    • Booking services to find an affordable and secure place to stay.
    • Review and ratings;  one of the most important parts of your tourism development since it builds online customer trust and credibility. Customers who have already availed of your services can share their opinions based on which you can acquire more customers. 
    • 24/7 chat support or travel and tourism chatbots can help.
    • Currency and time converter.
    • Language translator.
    • Social dining locations within the vicinity.
    • City transport services or ride-hailing.
    • Push notifications
    • Search functionality


Best International Travel Apps

Below check out this list of popular mobile apps for the tourism industry (and are not limited to):

mobile apps for travel and tourism


Need help to develop an App?

The ease and accessibility of the internet has revolutionized entire business industries. Those who understand the importance of shifting to digital marketing have a bigger edge over the competition. Similarly, shifting your business to travel apps is a great marketing method and an investment that can lead to greater returns. At InvoZone, we understand how important mobile apps for travel and tourism have become leading in the race of providing safe, efficient, and great tourism. So get in touch with us today!