Impactful Mobile Application Development Strategies for Your Startup

Read about the advantages of Mobile Application Development for your startup.

Some tried and tested Mobile App Development strategies to experiment with.

Impactful Mobile Application Development Strategies for Your Startup

With more and more people accessing the digital space via their smartphones, mobile application development has become significantly more important. Along with providing a strong capability for businesses to reach a larger number of potential customers around the globe, mobile apps have shown remarkable growth and innovation over the last decade.

Not just this, according to studies, mobile apps are anticipated to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023. On top of that, an average smartphone owner uses 10 apps per day and 30 apps each month. Evidently, mobile applications keep you connected with the world. 

That being said, app development is a savvy way to capitalize but is definitely not rocket-science particularly, because digital devices and platforms continue to evolve. On account of which app developers should smartly plan their mobile application development strategies for building a truly valuable and convincing product.


Merits of Mobile Applications for your Business

Companies across the world favor mobile application development to broaden their horizons, expand their services and market reach, and most importantly to unlock untapped potential. 

However, Digitization is enabling businesses to adopt newer technologies for improved customer experience. So, if your business does not own a mobile app, know the benefits, which may make you change your mind considering no one wants to lose the opportunity of attracting potential customers, whatsoever. 


Unarguably, every business wants to save unnecessary costs that can otherwise be used on more profitable and productive activities. Ergo, mobile applications cut down the costs of traditional marketing practices such as SMS marketing, brochures, etc.

Apps simplify and aid promotional activities through timely push notifications and in-built pop-ups. Additionally, you can communicate with your customers directly through instant messaging which eliminates phone calls and ultimately, billing. 


Spreading awareness about your brand is one of the most important ways to build customer loyalty. Since the world is exceedingly digitized, brand awareness via branded mobile applications proves to be very fruitful.

Therefore, your mobile app design should stand out, offer functionalities and features that are useful. Offer value-added services that would help you differentiate your applications in an overpopulated app market. 



This is one of the most talked-about benefits of mobile application development for your business; they amplify business accessibility. Businesses can not only forge powerful customer relationships but can also disseminate their services across borders which allows customers to directly engage with your brand.

You can send out relevant information to as many customers as possible without any boundary restriction and customers on the other hand can subscribe to your offerings anytime they want. 



Mobile applications are not rare. But you can certainly make a difference by leaping forward. It can help you attain a competitive advantage over your rivals. But to do that, you need to seriously consider innovation.

Either you decide to develop your product in-house or outsource mobile application development services, your product should delight customers, nonetheless. And you can only achieve that by carefully crafting your mobile app strategy.

Customer Service

Customers nowadays prefer timely responses to their queries and there is no better way to connect with users other than online platforms. Hence, you can leverage mobile apps for your business for 24/7 customer support which can prove to be a game-changer.

Mobile Application Development Strategies for your Startup

The significance of mobile app development for businesses is evident, as a growing number of users are looking to get things done digitally. Below are some of the most powerful strategies for mobile app development that can derive your business towards success.

Understand your Target Audience

There are more than 3.2 billion smartphone users across the world, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is seriously thriving. But choosing the right target market is key towards successful execution.

The right target audience guides the app development process, therefore, your market research should be on-point. Because it provides you with a deeper understanding of what your target audience needs, based on which you can devise your iOS and android app development strategy.

Identifying the target audience is of utmost importance since user satisfaction is a stepping stone towards the success of your mobile app. 

Choose a Flexible Platform

Companies should choose flexible platforms to meet scalability options. Mobile applications are much more complex to develop as compared to simple web solutions. Because of this, you need to carefully consider and decide on your development platform.

While keeping in mind that there are diverse devices and operating systems available. Under the circumstance, iOS and Android development platforms have gained extensive popularity over previous years. 

There are currently over 2.9 million apps available in the Google Play Store, followed by 4.4 million apps available in the App Store. Unlike the rigid platforms from the days of yore, today’s development platforms such as Android and iOS are dynamic and easily scalable as they not only offer a better user experience but have a large number of user-base.

Moreover, Adobe PhoneGap is a mobile application development framework widely used for Android development along with other cross platform tools such as Xamarin, Native scripts, Ionic etc. 


Leverage Cloud-Based Technologies

It is an age of cloud computing and companies too can take advantage of this technological innovation. Leveraging cloud computing can up your game in the mobile application development market because of its agility and flexibility.

It can redefine mobile app engineering since it enables companies to develop applications in the cloud without having to install complex infrastructures. Cloud computing offers a cost-effective solution along with value addition. Mobile app developers for startups can develop applications using cloud-based development tools from anywhere in the world.

Back in 2019, Amazon web services acquired a 32% market share. There are over 140 AWS tools that are extremely flexible enabling startups to build almost any custom app. Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are some of the popular examples. 

Prepare to Monetize your App

If you are a startup then monetizing your app will facilitate you bag some cash to strive and streamline your business. Strategies such as in-app advertising and in-app purchasing can definitely bring in a lot of revenue. Adopting a 50-50 approach is the best way to go about it.

Here you can charge users for some custom features such as integrations whereas offering some for free. This approach will surely make customers pay for meaningful and valuable features. Another option is to start by offering a 15-day free trial, full features enabled. And if your users are satisfied with the services you can give them an option to subscribe later on.

Focus on Optimization

Your application will be available globally among a variety of users. Reviews from your audience matter as they can affect the reputation ranking, app downloads, and user engagement levels. Considering that, make sure that your application is fully functional to accommodate any kind of operating system, new and old devices, alike.

Optimize applications depending on different device sizes. Because at the end of the day, you do not want to have a separate chunk of the audience unable to leverage your application only because they were using old devices.

Carefully design and develop different versions of your app if you have to, for a unique and rich customer experience.

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Boost your App Security 

Cyber threats pose greater risks to companies in this age of digital transformation and they are undoubtedly, extensively present in the online environment. App Store and Android both have been subjected to serious breaches in the past. These vulnerabilities in the app space expose users’ personal and sensitive information to deadly hacks.

However, users are becoming more concerned with their online security. It’s crucial to pay attention to your security protocols to avoid unpleasant situations. Because being a secure application that respects user’s privacy and protects their data is favored by a global audience.

Penetration testing, code encryption using a code signing certificate,  SSL to secure server communication are some of the security methods commonly used by companies around the world.

Outsource Mobile App Development  

Being a startup means you are operating under a tight budget. In-house development can be costly as you are required to hire a proper development team with relevant experience, and skill-set.

Whereas, outsourcing your development needs to mobile application development companies can decrease your overall costs by helping you save a considerable amount on infrastructure and resources.

Almost, 59% of businesses are already outsourcing because of its cost-cutting feature. Outsourcing companies not only develop your application but also provide mobile app QA and support after deployment. 

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