Significance of Hiring a Custom Application Development Company

Find out why a custom software development company is right for your product development.

Read about the benefits of hiring a custom application development company.

Significance of Hiring a Custom Application Development Company

The technological revolution has assumed control over every aspect of our lives and business operations. It exists virtually everywhere across the globe especially in the form of digital tools and software. Businesses are exceedingly investing in technology to streamline their processes and are therefore emphasizing the need of hiring a custom application development company to facilitate the business for future success.

But it all comes down to choosing between in-house vs outsourcing development teams

On one hand, bringing together a diverse and passionate team in today’s fast-paced business environment can be challenging. On the other hand, outsourcing already matured custom software development services proves to be favorable. 

With so many companies competing with each other to win over most clients, the implementation of cutting edge technology has never been more crucial. Whether you are an enterprise or a startup, immaculate development is equally important.

That being the case, outsourcing a custom application development company makes sense! Because it does not only have the right set of skills but the expertise to enable you to scale accordingly.

In simpler words, custom development services massively increase your chances of getting the right product at the right time.

Types of Custom Software Development Companies

Custom app development companies are commonly categorized into two types: product-based and service-based development companies. 


They develop, maintain, deploy and market their own solutions for end-users. Even though it may sound like a breeze but already available tools lack customization. And even if the company agrees to integrate your custom option, the charges are twofold.

So probably not a win-win situation for a startup i.e. low on budget, whereas enterprises may be able to afford it. 


They work directly with clients for custom application development based on their requirements. With that in mind, service-based companies are a perfect fit if you are seeking custom services such as developing web portals, CRMs, mobile applications, etc.

Besides, they are not just a company that you have outsourced but partners, who take complete ownership of the project from initial idea to final deployment followed by upgrades and maintenance. 


Reasons for Hiring a Custom Software Development Company

Talking of custom applications, undoubtedly companies need those to run their businesses efficiently and to ensure workplace productivity in order to reach their targets. Buying software is arguably the easiest way but envisioning the future, it may not work well. According to Deloitte’s survey, 78% of respondents say that they feel positive about their outsourcing relationship with other companies.

Hence, hiring experts for your custom application development is the ideal scenario. 

Meets your requirements

Every business has its own needs and requirements e.g. you may be looking forward to having extra website security or maybe you want to offer something unique distinctive of your competitors. And a custom development company can accommodate you, along with your concerns. 

Unlike off the shelf solutions, custom products are tailored-made and highly optimized around your business goals, which ensures productivity and is evidently financially more rewarding for the future.

Even if you have no idea what you need when you need it, what are your goals, and your expectations, the outsourcing company will be able to assist you in determining the scope of the project. 

Long-Term Reliability

An outsourced software development company assists you throughout the development cycle from early consultation and ideation to final implementation. This two-way collaboration makes them more reliable for both short and long-term projects alike. 

Every individual involved in the project plays an important role and is a professional in their field. Meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations is their forte. The company takes complete responsibility for heading the project with major stakeholders in a continuous communication loop to ensure on-time delivery.

Plethora of Skill-sets

Software development is not rocket science. It is complex and requires substantial knowledge and extensive experience to bring an idea to life. Therefore, an expert application development company not only offers its coding skills but also helps you build your strategy after assessing the market based on technical feasibility and business risks.

Besides, application development is one of the most frequently outsourced IT functions in 2021. More than 60% of tech companies are outsourcing at least a part of their application development.

Speaking of which, outsourcing software is much effortless as compared to in-house development since you are getting the skill set you need for half the price. 


Almost 59% of businesses use outsourcing to reduce their expenses. As mentioned before, over the shelf tools offer limited features and functionality and are not suitable for achieving long term goals. Even though you can request customizations, it will only result in more bugs and conflicts by inflicting customization in already developed solutions, which is downright costly.

Whereas a custom application development company can not only understand the scope of your project but also the total time required for executing the plan. Moreover, it gives owners the freedom to plan their budget through which they can eliminate overhead costs and use them for something rather productive.


Additionally, data privacy and security are of utmost importance to global businesses. Oftentimes companies lack the resources to protect their data which leads to critical data breaches and financial losses. The reason why it is preferred to trust the company that has strict security procedures in place to eliminate the loopholes.

Pro tip: Before sharing requirements with the partner company, it is important to sign a confidentiality contract that lists down all the data security protocols. 

Steady Support

One of the most important advantages of hiring a custom application development company is the continual support and maintenance that it offers even after the deployment. Sometimes it is just an added benefit.

Your software needs to be scalable and should evolve along with changing market trends. Thereupon, you can work with developers directly for on-going updates and tweaks. 

Project Management

A custom software development company will not just code for you but will take complete ownership. It will collaborate among teams, gather project requirements, manage tasks, evaluate risks, and ensure documentation.

Moreover, they adopt an agile approach and organize daily scrums and standup meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the development cycle. The company will assign a dedicated project manager to bridge the communication gap.

Outsourcing Software Development from Canada

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Key Takeaways

    • Outsourcing software development is cost-effective. You can save costs otherwise spent on technology and infrastructure.
    • It allows companies to hire the right skill set without having to compromise on the quality of work.
    • Recruiting and interviewing candidates is cumbersome, whereas outsourcing saves time otherwise spent on daunting hiring processes.
    • It brings in more efficiency and productivity which are important for the project’s success.
    • Use of the latest technologies makes your business more profitable.
    • Offers value, creativity, and collaboration to achieve a common goal.
    • Best combination of teams with diverse skills for delivering an innovative solution.