How to Find and Hire Top ReactJs Developers?

Know the difference between ReactJS and React Native

Learn where to Find and Hire the Top ReactJS Developers

How to Find and Hire Top ReactJs Developers?

Hiring a ReactJs developer for your project can be a long and hefty task because javascript is growing bigger by the minute. Stackoverflow confirms this growing popularity of javascript among its users and ReactJS happens to be one of the most popular javascript frameworks. 

Not only this, but we’ve noticed that when we start talking about React with our clients they magically start loving it, too! Why? Because ReactJS and React Native development is the perfect choice in many situations.

You might be wondering if React is so popular why is it difficult to find ReactJS developers? The reason is simple, companies like Facebook, Netflix, Uber,  Amazon, Twitter, and nearly 9000+ others worldwide use javascript for web, mobile, desktop apps. And everyone is drawing from the same talent pool – which isn’t exactly bottomless. So, your problem is quite real.

This would seem like a good time to lose hope but I have got you covered. In this article, we will discuss why and how to hire ReactJs developers. We will cover the benefits of the ReactJs framework, top places where you can find talented developers, and the skill sets you should be looking for when hiring a react developer. 

Let’s start with a short introduction of React and React Native in case you are not familiar with them.

What are React.Js and React Native?

ReactJS is a javascript library that combines the speed of javascript and uses a new way of rendering webpages, making them highly dynamic and responsive. It was released in 2013 for building web user interfaces and was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer working for Facebook.

The main purpose of React.js is to be fast and scalable while remaining simple and give developers the ability to create components that can be used as skeletons for applications. 

React Native is a React.js framework created to build cross-platform mobile applications. It was released in 2015. Built on React library, which itself is a large ecosystem, it saves money needed on human resources. It is loved by developers because it creates natively rendered mobile apps for both iOS and Android using the same codebase for both.

Why Use React?

React is designed in a way that allows it to be more stable than other visual libraries, which removes a lot of headaches from front-end development.

The ability to quickly deploy dynamic user interfaces makes React a well-rounded choice for powering your front-end development.


Advantages of Using ReactJS

React prioritizes dynamic experiences which makes it an ideal choice if User-Experience  (UX) is your priority. 

Here are some ways it enhances UX:

  • Increased productivity by reusing components

React’s components are reusable which is extremely beneficial when looking at component structure. Numerous companies switched over to React because of this ability to manage components and define structures that generate consistency throughout their web application. When wrapping components for reuse, you can abstract logic and layout to get fast rendering. 

  • Efficient performance via the VirtualDOM

As described in the React official documentation: 

“The virtual DOM (VDOM) is a programming concept where an ideal, or “virtual”, representation of a UI is kept in memory and synced with the “real” DOM by a library such as ReactDOM.”

Another way to picture VirtualDom is as a virtual representation of the UI that allows React to do computations before actually rendering an updated layout. It increases the performance of the application.

React’s development team handled the hard work of making React capable of handling DOM updating, which allows developers to focus on building components. This, in turn, enhances the performance of the application.

  • Enhanced stability

Every version update of a specific library or programming language puts developers under a lot of work stress as they have to make changes to their codebase. However, this isn’t the case with React. React updates are backward compatible, which means that developers won’t have to comb through their codebase and update it every time a new version is released. 

ReactJs Alternatives

1. Angular

Angular is a typeScript based open-source web application framework. Interestingly, it is the most dreaded framework by developers in the 2020 StackOverflow survey. Angular’s strength lies in building powerful and scalable systems.

2. Vue.js

Vue is a highly performant library for building interactive web interfaces. It provides data-reactive components with a simple and flexible API. In 2020, it was declared as the 2nd most wanted framework by developers after react. 

3. NativeScipt

It enables developers to build native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows while sharing the application code across platforms. Developers use various libraries while building the application UI, which abstract differences between the native platforms.

4. jQuery

jQuery simplifies the client-side scripting of HTML. It is one of the oldest libraries on the internet and was most popular until the more advanced JavaScript frameworks came along.

Top Places to Hire ReactJS Developers

If you’ve read this far, you are likely familiar with React is and can easily decide what skill sets your ideal ReactJS developer should have. Let’s move on to the major step, where can you find and hire top ReactJS developers.

  • Freelance Platforms

Imagine that you are on a tight deadline and your in-house team is working on the core functionalities while you lack a pair of hands to fix small bugs or develop a side-project.  That’s when hiring a freelance developer may work out. To be specific, if you need a react developer for a specific short-term project, you may look to hire freelancers.

Even though freelance react native developer’s cost is relatively small, it is often the only advantage. On the other hand, you can rarely find a freelance React developer who will truly relate to your project because they work on multiple projects at once, and if something doesn’t go well, they just leave and focus on others.

So if you need someone to cater your project with dedication freelance React developers are a quite risky choice.

However, it is up to you to decide.

Best Freelance Platforms

  1. Upwork is the most trusted and proven freelance platform. They have a wide range of developers with different levels of experience, knowledge, and payment rates.
  2. If you have already tried or are not interested in using Upwork, you may choose from this Freelance platform list from Forbes. 
  • Recommendations

If you are not new to the tech industry, and already have some contracts going on, it may help a lot.

You can contact your friends in the tech industry and ask them about where and How to hire reactJS developers and they can share their experience with you. Recommendations are often the most resourceful source of information since they are given by someone you can trust. Nobody would advocate for the developers that don’t deliver on deadline or have poor knowledge of the code.

For example, most of our clients refer us to their contacts who have been looking for software development services in different niches.

Here’s one of the clients’ review:

Loved working with the InvoZone team. They provide excellent eCommerce web design and development services. I highly recommend their services. – StitchHealth

  • Google It

You can find ReactJs developers of any kind (freelancer, a remote contractor, or a software outsourcing company) by simply searching on Google. It provides many tools to narrow down your search results. 

For instance, if you want to search for all the React developer CV’s uploaded on Slideshare (the largest professional content community), you can use Google’s search tool “intitle” like this: intitle:cv React developer

This will fetch all the resumes uploaded on Slideshare with the word “React Developer” in them.

You can also specify your request even more by clarifying whether you’re looking for React Native or ReactJS developers.

You can also use Google for other websites as well. For example, you can use the same trick for searching on Stack Overflow by writing your search request like this: <<Hire reactJS developers>>

The result will display you Stack Overflow users who fall under your requirements. 

Finally, Google can guide you to software outsourcing companies’ websites, like ours. For example, you can simply put it like “Hire a ReactJS developer for Fintech Apps” and it will display to you the relevant software development agencies or freelance platforms where you can find the ReactJs developers. 

So these were the most common ways to find and hire ReactJS developers. I hope this article will help you build a dream squad for your project. If you want InvoZone to be part of it or have any other questions, simply get in touch and share your requirements with us.