How to develop an app like Airbnb in 2021

Read this article to know how can you build an app like Airbnb in 2021

The two main requirement lists and what should be the considerations regarding those.

How to develop an app like Airbnb in 2021

Tourism has become an economic revenue generation stream for countries across the globe. Countries are realizing the potential of the travel and tourism industry and how they can boost tourism in their countries to create employment opportunities, generate revenue.  Technology tries to make the best of every emerging trend and tourism is no exception. Traveling to a farfetched area or country is easier today than it was ever before. Everyone has access to a smartphone and mobile apps are the new face of innovation. Tourism facilitating apps like Airbnb have captured the attention of the customers and the market with their exceptional success.

People can now book accommodations, compare with other options available to find the best ones, and pay with just a click on their mobile phones and tablets. The soaring success is hidden in the accessibility and usability of these apps- the sole reason why the travel industry continues to see growth and success.

According to Statista, global online travel sales have increased in 2019, counting 755.94 billion U.S. dollars.”

If you’re planning to make a travel app and are inspired by the success of Airbnb then this article will serve you well. We will explain the current statistics of Airbnb and what should be the way for you to make an inspired but original travel app.


Airbnb statistics for 2021

  • The app was established in 2008 and currently has more than 150 million users worldwide.
  • It allows you to choose from a staggering number of 650,000 hosts worldwide.
  • Airbnb has hosted from over 81,000 cities and 191 countries.
  • By 2019, Airbnb’s value worldwide counted at $38 billion, and by 2020, Airbnb’s revenue was expected to reach $8.5 billion. 

Now to the most important point, how to establish an app like Airbnb

Airbnb is built app has two versions – for buyer and sellers each.  We will enlist the features from the perspective of the host and the traveler to give you an idea of the requirements.

Traveler List Host List
Apps like Airbnb register users with an email address. To make it more seamless, they give users the freedom to sign up with the help of social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Similar to travelers, hosts can also log in with email addresses and social media accounts.
The user account should contain an identity picture, phone number, email address, and address. Hosts have the option to edit personal information and other necessary details in the profile section.
The search areas allow travelers to choose destinations and rooms. Hosts can choose if they want to provide their guests with some unique experiences with the “Experience feature” or would just like to offer simple accommodation.
Airbnb has filters that allow travelers to choose Geolocation, Guests, and room types. In the “Listing section”, hosts give a detailed account of the accommodation they are offering, the number of rooms, the number of guests, the sleeping arrangements, the exact address of the place, and good quality for the travelers to have a look at. They can also specify amenities and other facilities. They can provide details of anything unique if there is one.
It has incorporated the feature of messages to facilitate travelers to ask for more information from the host. The host profile should show reviews given by the previous guests along with the ratings.
Notification alert travelers with confirmation messages and any update from the host.
The App should have a calendar to allow travelers to select dates.
The option to write a Review afterward works great as it benefits both the host and the traveler in making the decision.
The new feature introduced by Airbnb is the “Experience” feature. It means travelers can book an adventure and entertainment activity with the help of an experienced host. The traveler can learn how to cook a pizza in Italy, a massage in Thailand, etc. 

The importance of API for a travel App

If you’re developing a travel app then you should consider an API for it. It is a very useful and important part of your app as it gives access to specific functions and databases. The developers can access any APP from scratch free of cost. Airbnb has its API that allows its developers to retrieve and integrate the functionality of Airbnb in other applications.

If you integrate the existing Airbnb API, you will not only save money but the development time. This is a simple way but to make an original app, you shouldn’t opt for this method.

The cost of building an app like Airbnb

Airbnb business model

To create an app like not Airbnb’s clone, the cost estimation changes with the chosen template. To give you an idea as to what you should consider when going for a travel app, consult the list provided down below.

Size of the development team

The size of the development team depends on your budget and the scale of your project. If you want to directly take part in the development of the project then you would need developers and designers except for the project managers, administrators, and others. On the contrary, if you outsource to a mobile app development company like InvoZone, you’ll get free project management and administration. 

Platforms choice

The choice of platform should be discussed and decided beforehand. The platform should be chosen based on the audience location, preferred device movement, and other considerations. You can develop your app for both Android and iOS and only one if you like. Android app development takes about 20 to 30% more time than iOS, this is one consideration and there are more for you to take into account.



You should opt for custom design if you want your app to look a certain way, it sure is costly but will deliver. Otherwise, you can opt for a standard design and it will be fine.


Feature complexity

It is up to you to decide what kind and level of features you want to incorporate into your app. It ranges from simple to medium to complex and the prices change accordingly.


The travel industry has a promising future ahead. This is the right time to develop an app like Airbnb or a startup focusing on traveling and tourism. If you have an idea and basic knowledge of it, you can come to use it to turn it into a reality. If you require any kind of Mobile App development services, you can contact us at InvoZone and we will take care of it.