Hiring an Elixir Developer: Benefits of the Programming Language

Elixir is one of the fastest growing programming language.

According to Stackoverflow, it is one of the most loved programming languages!

Let's read, why it's loved and how can you leverage it for your next app.

Hiring an Elixir Developer: Benefits of the Programming Language

Whenever you talk about application development, popular programming languages like Java, C, C++, PHP, and JavaScript come to mind. The developer community has tried and tested these languages and are used in developing millions of applications. But this shouldn’t be a reason to discount other programming languages, if only because of their less popular status. There are several programming languages that, although less known, can offer a lot of benefits when used in projects that have special requirements.

One such programming language is Elixir. This open-source, functional, and dynamic language was created by José Valim in 2011. The idea was to build a better alternative for Ruby, a popular programming language used extensively for backend web development projects. It has since then been adopted as one of the most important languages in the Erlang VM ecosystem, focusing especially on concurrency, reliability, and scalability. Developers are increasingly adopting elixir because it’s easy to code and can handle large volumes of concurrent processes without affecting performance.

The most interesting thing is that the creator of the Elixir programming language, José Valim himself, was a Ruby developer. 

So the first language I became really proficient in, really confident with, was Ruby. What I really liked about Ruby was this ability to explore, because the language is unrestricted and you can try out different things. And it’s very flexible—you can change it in many different ways. That was really what attracted me to Ruby at the time.” [source]

Besides these benefits, there are also some downsides. Like, not having enough developers or a very high learning curve, but they’re outweighed by all those benefits! This article will introduce you to the elixir programming language, why it’s so great, and how to hire an elixir developer to make sure you get quality work done on time!

What is Elixir Programming Language?

Elixir is a dynamic, functional language designed for building scalable and maintainable applications. It has significant benefits, like being easy to code in having excellent syntax with advanced data structures, and pattern matching. It also scales up well without affecting performance, which makes it perfect if you’re looking for your app or website to handle millions of concurrent users. There are other advantages as well, but they’ll be covered below!


Pros of Elixir Programming Language

Elixir has excellent syntax and a lot of features, like pattern matching that makes it easy to code. Elixir programming language also makes use of Erlang’s virtual machine, which is known for running on low-latency networks with high availability, so you won’t have any problems there! Here are some features of Elixir programming language:

  1. Scalability: Elixir scales up well without affecting performance, making it perfect for apps or websites handling millions of concurrent users.
  2. Erlang’s Virtual Machine: Erlang was designed to run on low-latency networks with high availability, so that problem won’t come up here either!
  3. Fault-tolerance: It is not uncommon for complex systems in production environments to encounter errors that can cause the entire system to malfunction or the site to go down. But elixir has built-in fault tolerance that is engineered to detect and handle such errors automatically. It is 99.99999% fault-tolerant. Elixir provides tools called supervisors that revert your system to the initial state in case of any fault.
  4. Extensibility: Elixir’s extensibility allows developers to extend the features and power up the code by using Macros. These Macros work as a part of the language.
  5. Healthy Ecosystem: Although the Elixir programming language isn’t very popular, this doesn’t mean it lacks tools to allow ease of elixir software development. One of Elixir’s most popular tools, Mix allows developers to build and test their projects with ease. Developers also enjoy how easy it makes managing dependencies, among other things. For example, integration with Hex for fetching packages remotely and providing resolutions on project dependency issues can frustrate you when you’re unsure where to look or what might work best for your needs.
  6. Dependency Management: Hex provides a remote package management system. It offers all the features of tools like Ruby’s Gems, and Python’s Pip, including dependency solving, bundling, installation tracking, and more, while providing an audited distribution mechanism (like npm or pip). Ideally, for developers, it is easy to install any elixir library from hex by simply typing in mix.local.hex.fetch with no effort at all.
  7. Performance: Elixir can solve complex tasks much faster than languages like Java or C++ because of its use of functional programming that doesn’t rely on object orientation as heavily as other languages do. This means less time spent waiting while your program executes, resulting in better-performing code without sacrificing readability.
  8. Ruby-like Syntax: Elixir, borrows from Ruby, Python, and Erlang. Its syntax is not as unfamiliar to these other languages, so you’ll find elixir easier to learn if that is your background.
  9. Closures: elixir makes use of closures—a method for grouping together blocks of code with open variables that can be referenced outside the block- which allows for better data protection regarding security and privacy. Again, this means less time spent waiting while your program executes, resulting in better-performing code without sacrificing readability.
  10. Pattern Matching: Pattern matching works by examining large chunks of text or numbers at once rather than one character at a time, like most programming languages do, making it possible to detect patterns faster. This again leads to quicker execution times without compromising on performance.
  11. Functional Programming: Elixir is a functional programming language that makes it easier to debug and test. -It has built-in support for concurrency, so if your program relies on multiple tasks happening at the same time, then elixir would be an excellent choice.


Cons of Elixir Programming Language

  1. With a recursive call-in elixir, we need to define how many times our function will be called beforehand, like recursion (fun (), fun () .) Because unlike Erlang or JS (JavaScript), there is no way to stop.
  2. The trickiest part about hiring elixir developers is that there are not enough people who know this programming language, since most devs prefer working on languages such as C++ and Java.
  3. Elixir is not the best choice regarding raw CPU power, and processing speed, so if your application involves a lot of number crunching, you should go with a distinct language.

    While Elixir isn’t as popular as the big players in the programming language scene, these features give it a value that many other languages don’t have.

Famous Companies that Use Elixir Programming Language

Bet365: Bet365 uses Erlang and Elixir to help it service 20 million users and to meet the demands of 100,000s, concurrent users at peak times. Bet365 uses Erlang because of its strengths in distribution, concurrency, and resilience. With Erlang, the development team could build quickly a hugely scalable platform where additional features could be added at pace.

Pinterest: The engineering team at Pinterest, is using Elixir and Phoenix to serve billions of API requests per day.

Discord: Discord was an early adopter of Elixir and I know why. It’s concurrency. In this article, you can see how Discord has scaled to 5 million concurrent users with their use of the language!

LinkedIn: In 2016, LinkedIn started building what would be their first large-scale elixir project, a system that handles all the email notifications for hundreds of millions of users.

Moz Pro: Moz Pro, the leading SEO analytics company, scrapped MySQL database storage for a database-free architecture powered by an Elixir-driven data indexing model. The result is that their new API serves the core rankings datasets 20 times faster than the previous API, with average response times consistently below 50ms compare to 800+ ms previously. Here’s a great article on why Moz moved to Elixir programming language.

Financial Times: The Financial Times is using Elixir to capture and track market data for its systems.

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When Should You Hire Elixir Developers

Elixir programming language is most commonly used by financial institutions and government agencies. Banks can streamline their operations with the help of Elixir. Banks can perform daily tasks such as reporting, settlement and accountability in near real-time because they are using functional programming for complex transactions, which are what has proven best for Financial software development. Apart from that, Elixir also has modern syntax, use an actor model, support polymorphism, and meta-programming. It is testable, providing reliable and robust systems where data is secure from alterations or losses.

So if you are looking to build any financial software solution, especially blockchain solutions, then Elixir is your go-to language.

Cost of Hiring Elixir Developers

Hiring a developer for Elixir web development in any application project can be of great value, not just because they’ll have the expertise needed to engineer many aspects of your app’s architecture and security into its core functions but also because this is an opportunity to help bring awareness about one of today’s most innovative programming platforms.

For instance, he/she will program concurrency features that allow apps with Elixir at their heart – like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or Heroku – to give developers access to more powerful hardware than if those same applications were written using Ruby on Rails or PHP; by baking encryption right into your design from day one you are giving yourself peace of mind knowing all data flows through it will remain confidential and secure.

When hiring Elixir developers, one major concern is the cost. Thankfully, COVID-19 opened up remote work opportunities for people all over the world, so now companies can hire anywhere they please. So you can hire Elixir developers from many regions at a reasonable price. Let’s look at how your options vary depending on where they’re located and what kind of contract developer salary packages come with it.

According to statistics, the average salary of an elixir developer in the US is $112,800. This is not too bad, but it’s also the highest available.

Infographic-Average salaries of elixir developers
Infographic-Average salaries of elixir developers

If you’re looking to hire Elixir developers from a country in Europe, then your options are limited because there aren’t many of them around. But if this is where you want to find an elixir developer for your firm, then France offers some very good programmer salaries at $58k and Germany has programmers with an average pay of $52k on average.

Then there are Asian tech hubs—Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Indonesia. Although these aren’t that far from the EU, developer salaries between the two regions differ drastically. Here you can find expert developers on an average of anywhere between $25,000 and $40,000.

Elixir Is Hot But Experts Are Scarce – Get An Expert Developer

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