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Scale, Scale, Scale!

Scale the growth of your product with Elixir development. Elixir codes are executed within lightweight threads enabling elixir programs to run a large number of processes on the same machine. This is why Elixir is the top choice for businesses that plan to scale Fast – Discord utilizes Elixir to serve 5 million users simultaneously.

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Keep your Systems Going 24/7

Provide continuous access to your services with Elixir technology. Elixir is a fault-tolerant language meaning a problem with one component won’t affect the whole system. Elixir leverages Erlang VM which was created initially for telecom companies with a heavy emphasis on fault tolerance and stability of operations.

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Extend your App Features

Build real-time scalable applications and APIs with extensible features of Elixir. Extensibility is one of the main design features of the Elixir language. This enables developers to easily extend the functionality of applications by writing Macros, which in turn, guarantees the top performance of your web product’s backend.

Elixir Development Technology is Appropriate For

Leveraging the Phoenix framework, Elixir is an excellent choice for developing Big and Small web applications. For large applications, we can easily simplify the management of large codebases by breaking things down. Small and microservice oriented apps benefit from the ability to easily cut down most of the unused framework and library features.

Small and Large Web Applications

Elixir Developers use the Absinthe – GraphQL toolkit, designed to enable massive concurrency on top of robust application architectures. This helps in upgrading web API on GraphQL to empower developers and simplify code.

Web APIs

Elixir is an excellent choice for real-time web development. The Phoenix framework running on Elixir is a powerful and productive tool that doesn’t compromise the speed and maintainability of the application. It comes with built-in support for web sockets, This enables developers to build real-time web applications.

Real Time Web Development

Developers utilize Erlang’s distributed apps architecture for co-located servers, while lasp lang/partisan stack or libcluster is handy when building, deploying, and managing clusters of Erlang nodes of your design. Creating distributed systems with Elixir is super easy and straightforward.

Distributed Systems

While building, for example, a proxy for HTTP of WebSocket, it’s important to monitor state, progress, timeouts, etc. Elixir provides an elegant base when creating an infrastructure for a big project by solving these issues.

Stateful Web Applications

Elixir’s super ability to process large amounts of data/events in one batch, both in asynchronous and synchronous manners makes it suitable for event-driven systems.

Event-Driven Systems

Elixir allows to create, deploy, and implement updates on all types of IoT devices ranging from smart coffee machines through serious industrial equipment to embedded systems. Elixir represents a great jump start into the embedded world.

Distributed Systems

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