Edward Kring

VP of Engineering


Edward Kring is a dynamic force in the world of technology, spearheading innovation and driving growth as the VP of Engineering at InvoZone. With a passion for software development and a knack for harnessing the power of various programming languages like Elixir, Node.js, and beyond, Edward is a true tech virtuoso. He can provide invaluable insights, guidance, and solutions to individuals and businesses seeking to enhance their technological capabilities.

With a vast range of expertise, Edward has successfully navigated the intricacies of the digital landscape, consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that have revolutionized the industry. His keen eye for detail, coupled with a deep understanding of market dynamics, has allowed him to bridge the gap between technology and marketing seamlessly.

Edward's journey is a testament to his versatility and adaptability. He effortlessly combines his technical prowess with his marketing acumen, propelling organizations toward unprecedented success. From crafting scalable software architectures to implementing strategic marketing campaigns, Edward's multifaceted skill set has earned him a reputation as a trailblazer in both realms.

An avid learner and thought leader, Edward constantly stays ahead of the curve by exploring emerging technologies and industry trends. This insatiable curiosity fuels his ability to conceptualize groundbreaking ideas and translate them into tangible results. His collaborative approach and exceptional leadership skills make him a sought-after mentor, inspiring teams to push boundaries and exceed expectations.

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