A comprehensive production data exchange software solution that gives you real-time information on your production capacity.
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IoT & Data Intelligence

Global Reader provides smart online manufacturing tools for SMEs. Using real-time data and team collaboration tools, Global Reader helps reduce downtime (30% in the first three months) and saves time and money.

Real-time Data for Tracking Production Capacity

This project aimed to build an IoT platform for tracking production data and providing real-time insights to the organization for better productivity.
Real-time Data for Tracking Production Capacity

Our Approach

Developing a Real-Time
Data Tracking Solution

Global Reader collects data (with BlackBox LTE or WiFi) from your production and
provide insight into why real performance is different from the production plan.
The device reads meters, pieces, work time, and anything else, just ask!

End Result

GlobalReader collects data from your production and provides insight into why real performance is different from the production plan. It brings decision-making from planning to real-time. Businesses get instant notifications and alerts when interruptions and downtimes occur.

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