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AutoGPT has made waves this month with its promising autonomous abilities, offering the first glimpse of what artificial general intelligence may look like. To learn more about AutoGPT, we invited Zachray Brown, an experienced AI professional who is the Machine Learning & Engineering Lead at Kensho Technologies, a market leader in AI. Zachray discussed why AutoGPT is a big deal, the technical mechanisms behind AutoGPT, and how AutoGPT fits into the larger AI landscape.

Show Notes

  • In terms of AutoGPT's autonomous capabilities, it has become the latest obsession in the AI world due to its ability to connect to the internet for searches, manage short-term and long-term memory, and create complex text using GPT-4 instances. Additionally, its ability to establish connections to all major platforms has made it a major sensation. Zachray notes that AutoGPT is still in the developmental phase, but in contrast to ChatGPT 3 and 4 where the conversation goes back and forth, with AutoGPT, the user only has to define the task and the model determines how to get it done and goes about executing it. In short, it is built on the foundational models of ChatGPT 3 and 4, orchestrating task management and execution.
  • Zachray also discussed the technical mechanism behind the working of AutoGPT. AutoGPT stands with "generative agent" or "GPT agent" with all the context it needs to perform the task, such as how to connect to the internet, save files, and do multiple tasks. Altogether, it has the ability to generate the next step in the process for itself, keeping in view the given context.
  • For complex tasks, AutoGPT has an agent manager which breaks and manages the flow of small tasks to fulfill them in an efficient way. Furthermore, Zachary says that a very common trend among many startups popping nowadays is stringing together a whole bunch of GPT  with their product.So it is a very interesting concept, yet the users should be aware of usage and costs which are mentioned in the disclaimer of AutoGPT.

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