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Discover cutting-edge autism solutions with Amanda Ralston on InvoTalks. Explore innovative Clinical Decision Support Systems transforming autism services. Gain insights into the origins of NonBinary Solutions and the technological impact on autism support. Engage in a discussion on the evolving landscape of autism service providers.

Show Notes


  • Explore cutting-edge Clinical Decision Support Systems revolutionizing autism services with Amanda Ralston, Founder of NonBinary Solutions.

About Amanda and NonBinary Solutions:

  • Amanda, a 25-year autism practitioner, founded NonBinary Solutions for Clinical Decision Support.
  • The platform addresses the crisis of mentorship and support in autism service providers.

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS):

  • CDSS guides practitioners in making complex, standardized, and ethical treatment decisions.
  • Factors considered: client preferences, environment, and practitioner competence.

Genesis and Motivation:

  • Amanda recognized the need during her clinical practice, witnessing errors in younger providers.
  • NonBinary Solutions aims to mentor, support, and balance caseloads through technology.

AI Integration and Ethical Considerations:

  • Proprietary algorithms integrate Amanda's decades of decision-making.
  • Emphasis on ethical AI use in autism research with disclaimers and provider responsibility.

Global Impact and Collaborations:

  • Collaborations with universities like the University of Georgia and Kentucky for customized intake models.
  • Aiming to understand diverse behavioral phenotypes and treatment effectiveness globally.

Future of Autism Solutions:

  • NonBinary Solutions envisions leveraging technology for personalized and effective autism treatment.
  • Focus on refining treatment plans, improving outcomes, and preventing common mistakes.

Tech Innovation and Collaboration:

  • Highlight AI's potential in understanding healthcare data.
  • Encourages collaboration and learning from other tech founders for innovative solutions.

Scaling NonBinary Solutions:

  • Ambitious goals include scaling, achieving successful exits, and supporting other founders.
  • Hints at potential future ventures, maintaining an active approach to innovation.

Closing Thoughts:

  • Emphasis on personalized, effective treatment for individuals with autism.
  • NonBinary Solutions aims to prioritize meaningful changes in treatment plans and improve quality of life.
  • Amanda's dedication underscores her commitment to making a lasting impact in the field.


  • An insightful conversation with Amanda Ralston, exploring technology's transformative potential in autism services.
  • Stay tuned for more InvoTalks episodes, delving into the intersection of technology and impactful solutions.


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