Summary of the Episode

Amidst the whole controversy of burning of Frida Kahlo painting our host Nael Shahbaz

talks to Martin Mubarak the person behind the burning of historic Fantasmones Sinisteros. For the first time, listen to his side of story and learn about his NFT startup Frida.NFT.




Show Notes

This episode is hosted by Nael Shahbaz, the Head of Marketing InvoZone


  • Recently, the tech world went through a hard-hitting controversy of burning of famous Frida Kahlo painting "Fantasmones Siniestros". Behind the burning of this painting was Martin Mobarak the CEO and Founder of Frida.NFT. In this episode he highlights the reason behind the burning of Frida Kahlo painting.


  • Mobarak talks about the genesis of Frida.NFT, the reason behind building Frida.NFT and how this blockchain based startup is helping the charities all around the world. And the value of physical art VS  digital art.


  • Intensive discussion on how soon the whole art world including museums with rare art pieces are going to shift to metaverse. Plus the emerging love of NFTs in tech world and their imminent rise in the art world in the coming decade.


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