Summary of the Episode

In the startup series of InvoNews podcast, InvoZone’s PR and Comm Executive Fatima Suhail sat down with Nouran Ghanam CEO of Stllr Network to learn about the ever-transforming freelancing landscape around the globe. Plus its vast contribution in transforming the technology world.

Show Notes

  • Freelancing platforms have offered as well as increased inclusion of people in the technology landscape. Providing them the opportunity to earn a better livelihood. The future of freelancing landscape is bright but still these platforms need security in terms of data exchange
  • Freelancing landscape is booming in Egypt and platforms utilizing AI technology are connecting suitable freelancers with right companies to fulfill their needs. AI technology with human touch can do wonders in terms of fulfilling the needs of the companies- connecting the right talent with the right company.
  • Blockchain is a game changer in the freelancing landscape. From securing information of companies to protecting data of users. It can facilitate the companies in transparent exchange of payments as well as info without any risk of external attacks from hackers.
  • Stllr has made it easy for people to find jobs as well as for companies to find talent without worrying about fraud and safety of their data. Acting as liaison between company and top talent-the platform rightnow is available for marketing professionals. Yet with time it wants to expand its services in all relevant fields of IT. Especially facilitating Gen Zs to find jobs-supporting the trend and culture of flexible working environment.
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Dedicated Developers

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