Summary of the Episode

Discover Amanda Archer's remarkable journey on InvoTalks, where she shares her experiences as the Founder of Women of Metaverse and the innovative First Apes Women Club (FAWC) NFT collection. Explore the hurdles within the Blockchain industry and understand the profound influence of the Women of Metaverse Initiative.

Show Notes

Guest Introduction:

  • The episode focuses on blockchain and NFTs, disrupting industries.
  • Guest: Amanda Archer, founder of First Aid Vibes Club and Women of the Metaverse.
  • Background: Hollywood veteran, worked with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson.

Amanda's Journey:

  • Moved from Australia to LA 10 years ago, as a publicist for Michael Jackson's family.
  • Transitioned to film production, later discovered NFTs like Board Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks.
  • Co-founded First Aid Vibes Club, emphasizing creativity and technology in NFTs.

Challenges and Learning Curve:

  • Acknowledges the steep learning curve for non-technical individuals in the Web 3 space.
  • Encourages embracing challenges, staying committed, and learning from the community.

First Aid Vibes Club:

  • Collection of 11,111 unique NFTs granting access to a black card-level travel and lifestyle program.
  • Aims to bridge the gap between Hollywood and the NFT community.
  • Provides exclusive benefits in luxury hotels globally.

Women of the Metaverse Initiative:

  • Created to support multiple Web 3 projects, acting as a studio for films.
  • Aims to enhance the movie-watching experience with digital collectibles.
  • Partners with Fandom Moto Films for future projects.

Struggles in the Blockchain World:

  • Highlights challenges faced in the last 12 months, emphasizes belief in technology to overcome hurdles.
  • Continuous development and value-building during tough times.

Luxury and Utility in First Aid Vibes Club:

  • Integrates luxury and utility through a membership program.
  • Offers VIP travel experiences, exclusive events, and Hollywood access.
  • Aims to elevate the community's overall experience.

Challenges for Women in Web 3:

  • Encourages women to join communities, follow leaders, and reach out for guidance.
  • Dismisses misconception of a male-dominated industry, and sees inclusive opportunities for women.

Upcoming Point System:

  • Introduces a point system tied to a Visa card for travel rewards.
  • Users earn FAWC dollars for spending, redeemable within the community.
  • Planned launch by the end of Q1 or the beginning of Q2.

Closing Remarks:

  • Expresses excitement for upcoming developments.
  • Encourages continued engagement and updates on social media.
  • Thanks to the host for the opportunity.


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