Summary of the Episode

Businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing environment. One such approach is through the use of ChatGPT 4, a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence model that is transforming corporate operations. In this episode, we had the privilege of interviewing Lilia Messechkova, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Progress, who has 18 years of experience to discuss how businesses can harness the potential of ChatGPT 4 to enhance their profits.

Show Notes

  • ChatGPT-4 can be very useful in creating high-quality content, such as marketing material and developer's documents, among others. However, another important capability of ChatGPT-4 that companies need to consider is its ability to understand the context of the query better. This helps in personalizing the customer experience further by distilling and extracting what the user requires, which is powerful knowledge for businesses to create a more relevant experience.
  • In the coming months, we will witness more and more systems and tools integrating ChatGPT-4 in their products, driving businesses and companies to better utilize the potential of this tool beyond the interface that is provided today.
  • We are on the cusp of another industrial revolution where we are going to witness an increased level of automation. Also, keeping in view the pace of progress in this technology, the IT industry is going to witness a shift in roles and a change in skill sets that need to be there to use it. However, complete dependence upon machines would not be a smart idea as human assistance will still be required.
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