Summary of the Episode

We at InvoTalks invited Jean-Louis Warnholz to have a debate on how to fight climate change effectively coupled with new technological innovations. Jean has experience working with multiple prestigious organizations like the World Bank, the University of Oxford as a Research Economist, and the US Department of State as Senior Advisor, Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Now he has an awesome Climate tech Future which has the motto of "More Cash. Less Carbon". And TechCrunch mentioned them as “Future wants to tip the scale.”  Future is an innovative climate tech that offers 6% cash back on climate-friendly purchases.

Show Notes

  • In the view of Jean, consumers are the main catalyst in bringing change. Government and climate activists are apart, but consumers equipped with the right technological solutions can aid in making the fight against climate change more efficient.

    Technology in its true essence can help in offsetting, measuring, reporting, planning, and management of carbon footprint. Especially, artificial intelligence (IoT) solutions have become essential in tackling detrimental challenges associated with carbon management.

  • Jean says, with technology, we also need to incentivize and sensitize people in the fight against climate change. All the risks associated with climate change cannot be affixed with technology. Also, it is a fact that we do have technology but awareness in regard to the adoption of this technology is important.

  • Future is a climate tech startup that believes in creating cost-effective and time-efficient ways of fighting climate change. As per Jean climate change is all about making simple choices in everyday life.

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