Summary of the Episode

Meet Jean-Que M. Dar the founder and CEO of the tap. in this episode to find out how AI and Blockchain technologies together are transforming the world of entertainment. By bringing more transparency and efficiency at the same time.

tap. is an AI blockchain-enabled technology to connect both executives and creatives.


Show Notes

NFTs are transforming the industry giving artists direct access and power to their content.  But surprisingly many labels are also claiming ownership of NFTs generated by artists. Other than NFTs, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology cannot be ignored at any cost.

But importantly blockchain technology now offers users to track and trace online conversations, and dates of ownership, facilitating them in streamlining royalty payments and reducing copyright infringements. It simply adds more security, transparency, and control by improving the industry’s supply chain. The content on the blockchain is immutable which means it cannot be manipulated.

In addition to writing songs AI technology now is being used to create AI models identical to human models. These AI-generated models are now widely used by advertising agencies and firms in advertisements and on billboards.

Energize Media With AI & Blockchain Technology

As per Jean Q, it is important to first develop an MVP before entering the market. The second step is to discover the niche-meaning the people who might need it to get an opinion and when people see your product as useful. You will see the investors pouring in and also an increase in your user base.



Unlock the decentralized universe of blockchain.


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