Summary of the Episode

Even though Blockchain has garnered attention because of its vital role in the financial sector. The technology is also set to drastically transform healthcare, real estate and banking.

Regardless, one less explored industry where Blockchain apps and platforms  have great potential to revolutionize is agriculture.   In this episode meet Diego Hoter the Co-Founder & CEO of a dynamic platform serving to transform the agriculture sector.


Show Notes


  • To feed more people without expediting the climate crisis we need to make efforts to make the agriculture system more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable.  And Blockchain technology in this regard can help in tracking plant growth, quality of seed, and transperancy of transaction.
  • Ucrop is transforming the agriculture sector and  is ensuring crypto-confidential cultivation. Making sure that everything entered on the platform is in control of the producer to share it at their own choice with chain actors who value sustainable practices.
  • The rise of ESG (Environmental Social Governance) plus climate financing is playing a pivotal role in the increase of the Agriculture Technology sector.
  • Insights into how Metaverse in addition to Blockchain can change the whole scenerio.


Unlock the decentralized universe of blockchain.


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