Summary of the Episode

Horrific FTX fall has jolted all the crypto world! Catch Osama Bari CTO of DIFX crypto exchange platform in this episode with InvoZone Business Development Manager Musa Raza to know how crypto exchange platforms as well as users can save themselves. And what permanent crypto world requires to avoid any future conundrums.

Show Notes

  •  FTX crash has impacted the whole crypto world in worst possible way causing investors to withdraw their funds en masse. Bringing a sagnificant drop in valuation for most cryptocurrencies. It's time to work on the transperancy side like regularaties for the reserve funds and it is also essential to find other ways to make sure that the funds are kept save.
  • FTX is a tragedy for us-after every one or two years something happens with crypto market like exchanges getting hacked etc. This time we have to learn our lesson and move towards transperant methods and flows.
  • To ensure and build people trust the idea should be to maximize the  proof-of-stake (POS)where cryptocurrency owners  can validate block transactions based on the number of staked coins.




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