Summary of the Episode

In this episode catch Peter Moulton the Co-Founder and CEO of Sensand-a blockchain based EarthTech with an aim to mitigate the effects of climate change.

In Peter's opinion Blockchain can prove to be efficient  in transforming the climate tech industry especially after the Ethereum merge. The key is to utilize the useful parts of blockchain  rather than whole.

Show Notes

  • Climate tech industry has potentail to bring together innovative solutions and approaches  required to decarbonise all sectors across the global economy.


  • Peter says to drive climate change everyone and everything needs to work together. Right now, Web 3 can play a huge role but it is on the periphery- it has a concept of decentralization but climate tech is a different example and we have to welcome the institutional capital.


  • After the Ethereum merge Blockchain can be a great tool to drive climate change but key is to use useful parts of Blockchain technology rather than using the whole technology.

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