Summary of the Episode

Welcome to Invotalks Episode 47, where we explore entrepreneurship! Join us as we talk to Khalid Gibran, a seasoned entrepreneur with 23 years of experience. Khalid, CEO and Founder of Meta Universe, shares his journey as a tech enabler, revealing strategies for achieving unicorn status. Tune in for insights on pitching the revolutionary Metaverse concept to businesses. Don't miss this episode filled with entrepreneurial wisdom and game-changing ideas.

Show Notes


  • Khalid is a crypto enthusiast who bought Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2016.
  • Noticed a gap between older business leaders and younger individuals interested in blockchain, crypto, and NFTs.
  • Founded MetaUniverse, a web3 solutions provider for Blue Chip companies.
  • Focuses on using web3 tools as a catalyst for business growth, providing solutions to companies' problems.


  • Aims to help bridge the gap between technology enthusiasts and business veterans.
  • Provides business solutions using web3 tools to address issues in various industries.
  • Emphasizes both growth and cost efficiency as results.

Business Journey:

  • Has a portfolio of 16 companies on the path to NASDAQ listing.
  • Working towards making MetaUniverse the next unicorn ($1 billion company).
  • Acknowledges a personal challenge and a desire to help young entrepreneurs achieve unicorn status worldwide.

Choosing InvoZone:

  • Forged a partnership with InvoZone as a tech enabler.
  • Selected InvoZone based on complementary strengths, aggressive strategies, and the team's impressive skills.
  • Recognizes InvoZone's role in powering MetaUniverse's web3 projects exclusively.

Approach to Networking:

  • Emphasizes building a strong network of valuable connections.
  • Stresses the importance of serving the network, and creating mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Encourages using platforms like LinkedIn to build a useful network.

Pitching to Businesses:

  • Prefers storytelling over traditional pitches.
  • Shares stories that resonate with clients, highlighting how solutions can solve their specific problems.
  • Incorporates disruptive elements to capture attention and make presentations memorable.

Global Expansion:

  • Initially, it focuses on Southeast Asia due to familiarity and a strong network.
  • Plans to expand to the US, Europe, UK, and the Middle East.
  • Sees the world as an opportunity for business growth.

Advice for Entrepreneurs:

  • Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride.
  • Emphasizes the willingness to embrace challenges and uncertainties.
  • Encourages those who aren't ready for the roller coaster to consider traditional employment.


  • Appreciate the opportunity to share insights.
  • Expresses readiness to return for future discussions.


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