Summary of the Episode

Will AI take over Wall Street? Well in the future AI could be involved in 99% of investment management in Wall Street. To find out how, Host Fatima Suhail sat down with Mina Tadrus the Founder & CEO of Tadrus Capital to know the future of Wall Street in the light of AI and the investment landscape as a whole.

Show Notes

  • In a nutshell, AI is taking over Wall Street and is definitely the future. As it is useful in automating all trades, and risk management and it certainly thinks better than any human can. It allows asset managers to stay competitive in the challenging investment landscape by giving them the power to analyze loads of data churned out by companies or agencies at an incredible speed.

  • As per Mina, the biggest challenge in the trading landscape is the volatility of assets because every single day it’s different. This has made Artificial Intelligence (AI) or at least some rudimentary algorithm necessary for the investment landscape to quantify the volatility. In addition to automation of the trades.

  • Listing down the top advantages Mina firstly termed quantification of the volatility of assets but highlights the importance of complex models to achieve this. On the second number, he listed automation of risk management because right now and historically it has been a foreign concept, especially for asset monitors in the US. But the use of AI can halt the losses by adapting to the change in volatility.

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