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Host Nael Shahbaz, Marketing Head InvoZone, sits down with Ryan Carter CMO of Sheild Republic to find out how he built his ecommerce startup from scratch by hiring a remote development team. And how overseas teams have become a source for startups to thrive in a cost effective and efficient manner especially with the increase in inflation this year.


Show Notes

  • The future of branding is all about staying authentic with your customers, community and connections, says Ryan Carter, the Co-Founder of Shield Republic. As per Ryan branding is a word that is overused a lot especially in Ecommerce or any other business. According to Ryan, branding is not a sole component but it is the overall representation of a brand including color and the vibe your brand gives off.
  • It’s all about the product you provide which helps you in maintaining your value. He also believes that as consumer behavior shifts towards value-based purchasing, the businesses or companies that lead with the purpose of transparency will stand out in the crowd.
  • Ryan on overcoming the fear of hiring remote teams said that prior to working with InvoZone. We had our concerns regarding the technical capabilities of the team, time zone, cost, language barrier and productivity level.  So the key to bust these fears is to get to know the team and do your proper research.
  • InvoZone to construct our trust held a series of meetings with us. We analyzed the team as being great in communication as well as flexibility. There were some very good cost-effective packages which were quite less in comparison to the company we had domestically hired.

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  • Furthermore Ryan said,“speaking from the American side of perspective” we often think that people from overseas do not have access to tools. But I assure you that people overseas have access to each and every tool. And most often they have more knowledge than people over here.
  • Comparing his experience of working with other domestic companies. Ryan elaborates that working with InvoZone has surprisingly improved their service quality in price four times less than the company they were working before.

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