Summary of the Episode

Join the InvoTalks podcast for an insightful episode with Oliver Wolff, Product Manager at Kinde. Explore Kinde's innovation in SaaS, delve into its intriguing origin, and learn about its impactful partnership with InvoZone. Gain inspiration from Kinde's impressive growth journey and its exciting future vision.

Show Notes


  • InvoTalks podcast featuring Oliver Wolff, Product Manager at Kinde.

Kinde Overview:

  • Vision: Democratizing software engineering for SAS companies.
  • Initial focus: Streamlining common functionalities like authentication, billing, and support.

Genesis Story:

  • Co-founded to address recurring challenges in SAS development.
  • Inspired by the idea of a comprehensive platform similar to Shopify for SAS functionalities.

Building the Team:

  • Evolved from three co-founders to a diverse team.
  • Emphasis on autonomy and alignment in the development process.

Development Challenges:

  • Balancing unique cases and building a horizontal platform.
  • Lean and nimble development with constant iteration.

Target Audience:

  • Early-stage SAS startups seeking streamlined development.
  • Focus on both B2B and B2C SAS companies.

Partnership with InvoZone:

  • Collaborated to enhance the Elixir SDK smoothly.
  • Emphasized effective communication and high-quality code.

Growth Journey & Vision:

  • Currently around five months behind projections.
  • Envisions a horizontal platform with configurable services.
  • Potential marketplace for third-party developers.
  • Ambitious goals for the next five to ten years.


  • Excitement about the future and the potential for innovation.
  • Aims to revolutionize SAS development and support startup growth.

Note: This concise summary provides an overview of the podcast, highlighting key insights into Kinde's vision, challenges, partnerships, and growth aspirations.

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