On-Demand Services

On-Demand Services

Buyers and sellers should connect quicker, better and wiser


Efficiently Connecting Buyers And Sellers

The service on-demand industry is getting bigger and replacing traditional business models faster than we anticipated. Without a doubt,on-demand services are becoming a fundamental need for clients these days. The on-demand services-A platform where users can utilize resources and software in a live environment.
Currently, on-demand services can be seen as being utilized in almost every industry. Starting from transportation, food, repair & maintenance, and clothing. Almost every niche is utilizing on-demand services and disrupting the economy. InvoZone has simplified the complexities. Get in touch with InvoZone for a brief overview of on-demand services for your business today.

Services On-Demand Industry – A New Economy

While Uber and other similar companies like Airbnb are not the only examples, they are some of the top services in the field of on-demand services. New business models are working in such a way that they take a more minimal approach towards, otherwise, typical business setups. The advancement in technology has enabled businesses to build better methods of reaching out to their potential customers. However, only those who integrate a smooth operation and provide a quality platform can outshine in this industry.

Personalized Services

Consumers now demand the speed of delivery as they do not want to wait in a queue or be put on hold. Companies that are venturing into this economy have a clear edge if they choose a model which is fresh, and provides exactly what the people want. The quicker you adapt to the idea about a changing world of business, the better your business can progress.

At InvoZone, we can customize your on-demand service application so that it contains real-time order tracking for your end consumers. This way, customers can place an order through your app and know the real-time status of their order. Your clients, in turn, can track the progress of their work, payment method, and delivery status as well. Now, both parties can monitor order status so that there is no room for miscommunication.


Reshaping Healthcare For The Better

Keeping up with a digitally transforming healthcare industry should not be overwhelming when you have the right people for guidance. With InvoZone’s software development for healthcare, you can decide which technology is worth your investment, regardless if it is financial or time. One thing to keep in mind here is that successfully shifting to such an industry requires innovative ideas and thinking. Here, the main goal is streamlining physicians’ work and lowering the cost to patients by building a fantastic online presence.

Shift to Modern Technology

The first step towards modernism is to cut the practice of traditional paper-based activities and record them digitally. Patient management systems like these are essential when developing a strategic platform where physicians can communicate with patients. Such solutions will not only help these two parties but also aid the healthcare administration to manage their schedules better. While it is a good idea to aim for stand-alone software development for healthcare that stores data locally, it is not feasible. As healthcare software development expands, so does the security solutions that empower the company to firmly protect patients’ privacy. That is what InvoZone aims for: a shift towards modern tools in this business.

Personalized Services

Consumers now demand speed of delivery as they do not want to wait in a queue or be put on hold. Companies which are venturing into this economy have a clear edge if they choose a model which is fresh, and provides exactly what the people want. The quicker you adapt to the idea about a changing world of business, the better your business can progress.

At InvoZone, we can customize your on-demand service application so that it contains real-time order tracking for your end consumers. This way, customers can place an order through your app and know the real-time status of their order. Your clients, in turn, can track the progress of their work, payment method and delivery status as well. Now, both parties can monitor order status so that there is no room for miscommunication.


A Unique Shopping Experience

This is one platform any size of business can benefit from if just the processes are carried out by the book. Today’s society is highly competitive and focusses on convenience rather than doing things the long way. If a consumer cannot avail quality goods from a place near them, for instance, a supermarket, then that local business is not targeting everyone. The same goes for a shopping store that sells quality products but has placed itself an inconvenient location. With eCommerce website development solutions, everything seems easier. However, there is a catch!

Ecommerce Website Development Increases Reach

The accessibility of the internet has opened a bigger world in conducting business. Online businesses have proven to be more efficient than traditional ones and InvoZone understands this. With several years of experience in eCommerce website development, we have given our clients access to entertaining a larger audience, thereby opening a new world of opportunities. Diving into eCommerce web development is a great way to lift your business as more than 4 billion people have access to the Internet now.

Scale Your Growth With Us

An important part of a successful business is to grow it in a way that you increase its products and target audience. However, for online business and eCommerce platforms, such a need should also be in sync with the structure of your online platform. This is why we believe that online businesses should be scalable, hence offering our eCommerce web development solutions. Through this, you can track your progress and enjoy a successful online experience that can let you reach your goals quicker.


Travel & Hospitality Redefined

With InvoZone, there is no need to look further to upscale your booming travel and tourism business. Our exciting travel business solutions empower your business with technical consultancy, customer portals and a back-office management system. We strive to bridge the gap between travel companies and their customers so that customer can explore freely, and the companies can enjoy bigger opportunities. Remember, the tourism and travel sector is a booming sector of the world economies, and those who make the right decisions can lead.

Get a Personalized Back Office Experience

Why go for a single look of your online platform when you have an option to make multiple changes according to your business? We can provide personalized back-office user experience, an admin panel, where the travel companies can change their website style according to the theme or seasons they are going for. The objective is simple, travellers require convenience, appearance and quality service. Services that are a single push of a button away are valued more than filling never-ending online forms. The greater the User Experience, the bigger your online business.

A Great Travel Tech Engineering Experience

Our work with different travel and hospitality businesses around the globe have given us necessary knowledge about travel management solutions, data collection and custom software needs. Our core expertise lies in organizing the initiative and IT strategy of our valued client from this industry. Taking complete responsibility to implement a foolproof strategy.


Buying Through Innovation

The food & grocery business doesn’t have to stick to the way it has been in the past. Modern solutions state the need for software that redefines how groceries are bought, sold and business operations are done. With InvoZone you are not only re-evaluating your potential for online business but also taking care of your day-to-day operations, grocery management solutions and backend processes. We enable you to do this so that you run your business smoothly and generate bigger revenue.

E-Commerce Software for Groceries

Our custom software E-commerce solutions specially designed for grocery and retail sector includes mobile applications of the current stock, a fitting online ordering platform and automatic replenishment feature integrated to delivery modules. Moreover, our back-office solutions take into account bookkeeping software integrations, database management, and custom price optimization modules. All of this is because we understand your grocery business operations, and realize what you need most.

Track Your Inventory

With the right type of store inventory software that integrates with your website and mobile apps, keep track of all good and let your customers know about it as well. With features like fleet management, Electronic Proof of Delivery (e-POD) and other warehousing systems InvoZone provides answers to everything.


Gain Efficiency Through Fintech Development

At InvoZone, we work to create a solution for banks, exchanges and brokers to provide them with a saving on their online trading platforms, online business infrastructure and overall systems. We work using fintech development to reduce business cost and risk by providing experience and resource for proprietary platforms. Regardless if it is an online trading platform or a foreign exchange system, our custom fintech software development for desktop or mobile applications will enable you to assert presence in the competitive market.

Quick Delivery Is the Key

In this sector, one has to recognize how quickly things need to be to gain the most benefits. A highly competitive market means that business competition is running in full-strength. This, in turn, means that just waiting for software to kick-off is not feasible. Let this not be the case and choose a partner that understands this. With InvoZone’s fintech development, benefits come from the incorporation of mechanisms, libraries and features that can kick-start your finance business, giving what you want, when you want.
We do this by effectively integrating agile methodology in our fintech software development. This is not just a way of work, it goes beyond. Agile development is a pillar upon which digital-first organizations work. With InvoZone’s fintech development, all finance businesses can gain benefit through Agile methodology. Moreover, our work on fintech in the past ranges from implementing to optimizing Agile capabilities of our clients.

Fintech Development For All Businesses

With InvoZone’s fintech development, the size of your business does not matter. We have not only worked with early-stage start-ups, but also with established financial organizations. Hence, we prove that this form of development service is available to all stages of business. Our expert developers can help your business assess and understand customer opinions, and help you devise a digital plan so you can favourably reach your goals!


Create A Brighter Tomorrow Through E-Learning

InvoZone has worked on some amazing and out-of-box education software development projects to create solutions to distant learning. Today’s e-learning industry aims to reduce the distance between a student and their education. By successfully bridging the gap between a teacher and the student we, at InvoZone, have come up with innovative ideas to modern education.

Education Software Development Offers Digital Publishing

With mobile access almost everywhere around us, so are the digital publishing platforms. Exponential growth in digitization is bringing physical publishing to a decline. Each digital learning platform focusses on great user experience so that goal achievement becomes regular business experience a successful marketing strategy. Thankfully, we are aware of the functionalities like sharing, statistic generation, security and interactive elements to give our clients the edge they are looking for.
Our education software development service offers a chance to rid students the burden of carrying weighty books and integrate all coursebooks in the cloud. Through this, we are not only adding value to education but also making sure that all students can focus on the task at hand. With less distraction and an active mind, learning becomes easier.

A Brilliant Learning Management System

InvoZone develops unique Learning Management Systems that cater to the needs of a typical student through an excellent User Interface (UI). We offer education software development solutions that produce a fitting User Experience (UX). Through our insightful techniques towards better learning, we are only making sure that students stay focussed and engaged with their studies.
We are always on top of the growing and changing trends of the world. This is why we also provide a web-based platform with a native mobile application for the LMS. This will cater to the requirements of all types of phone operating software. Regardless if they are iOS, Android or even Windows, our education and e-learning applications are top-notch and we are prepared to showcase our skills.

We Cater To All Businesses

For consumers, all they are looking from an online platform is personalization, flexibility, and a solution to their needs. If you are someone who is offering this, or perhaps even more, then welcome on board! Regardless of your target audience or business niche, the service on-demand software that we will create for you will put you in a promising position, from order initiation to delivery.

We value the new businesses effectively looking for a trendy change that will improve their operations. On-demand services for businesses allow for a wider insight into operations and revenue management. From cash monitoring for CoD case scenarios to building online dashboards for business owners, all features are present to make online operations smooth. This online system allows for improvement in multiple ways, some of which are customer reviews, complaint notices, order cancellation, and other reporting options. While all of this is also possible through manual, or typical, business operation, the fact that the service on-demand applications collect everything from a single site makes it more manageable.

Scalable Solution Is The Way

Trends regarding the service on-demand industry are looking great so far. As your business continues to grow there will come a time when your software also needs to expand and upgrade. A scalable model that fits your expanding business’s goals is what your aim should be; this is what we at InvoZone naturally work on.

Service On Demand


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